Simulation environment for designing electric drives in commercial vehicles, heavy duty machines and ships   

When electric drive systems are designed for commercial vehicles, the variety of operating conditions presents special challenges. Statements frequently have to be made on the achievable driving performance and electrical energy consumption based on a designed but not yet mass-produced electric machine and its associated inverter. With this objective in mind, a simulation environment was developed that contains a route calculation in the time domain, integrates the motor currents in discrete time steps, and calculates the losses and temperatures with the efficiency of the motor and inverter. This paper focuses on the analytical calculation of the critical winding temperature of electric machines. The simulation tool only requires a few main data and is therefore also suitable for continuously calculating the tem-peratures during driving operation. In addition to data on power losses, it also pro-vides a statement on whether the electric machine and inverter are sufficiently di-mensioned for the required task.

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