Electromobility in application

The various application areas of electromobility in the utility vehicle sector

ARADEX has successfully implemented numerous electromobility projects. All applications have been equipped with the most innovative power electronics and clever system-oriented connections. This has led to considerable success in efficiency improvements, exhaust emissions, and robustness. Whether in the utility vehicle sector or for marine applications – ARADEX is an expert in the field of electrification. We would be pleased to support you with innovative technology and competent advice on your project. We look forward to your inquiry. Below is a selection of products that have already been successfully implemented:

Electromobility for hybrid / electric vehicles

Torque from the stand, higher efficiency and lower emissions - ARADEX has already been able to present sophisticated solutions for the electrification of commercial vehicles.


Electromobility for ships

In the electrification of ships, essential improvements regarding overall efficiency, maneuverability and failure safety were achieved.


Electromobility for small transporters

Efficient drives with high efficiency and suitable electric motors for small transport vehicles and light vehicles have already been developed several times.


Electromobility for further applications

Electric turbocharger for fuel cells, linear motors for roller coasters, on-board power supply for airplanes ... Electric mobility can be used in many ways!