eGPU - supplying energy to airplanes

The eGPU is a pure electric battery storage unit for supplying energy to airplanes on the ground.

  • Zero CO2 emissions, environmentally friendly, quiet
  • 44 kWh total capacity
  • High efficiency
  • Can be charged on all standard CEE32 industrial electric sockets
  • High lifetime up to 20 years

The project

With the very first battery buffered ground power unit (Ground Power Unit - shortened GPU), the Swiss company Designwerk treads new paths in the area of supplying energy to parked planes. ARADEX supplied technology of inverters and know-how in the field of enregy management. The eGPU has a total capacity of approx. 44 kWh and supplies a plane with 25kVA rated power. The onboard power supply is supplied with 400 Hz and 3 x 115 VAC alternating current.

The electrical system offers several advantages compared to conventional GPUs, that can be compared to a mobile diesel generator.

  • Energy consumption during operation is reduced by 30%.
  • In addition to the drastic reduction in fuel consumption, the eGPU can also be used in hangars thanks to minimal noise emission.
  • The battery storage relieves strain on the grid infrastructure in stationary operation.

The selfpropelled unit has a peak power of 120KW. First charging tests with an eGPU were carried out at Zurich airport on a Fokker 100.


Photo credits: © Designwerk

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eGPU plane loading

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eGPU plane loading

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