Electric van: with The ORTEN ET 30 V purely electrically through the inner cities

The Orten ET 30 V allows you to experience electric mobility and not just drive it.

  • The E-transporter pure electric drive is not just an addition to the fleet, but must also be considered as an ecologically sustainable optimization thereof.
  • Unlimited access to inner cities, green areas and pedestrian zones
  • 24 hour flexible transport possibilities
  • Perfectly matched for daily tours up up to 150 km
  • Emission-free, no pollutant emissions, nearly silent

The project

ORTEN Electric-Trucks, a subsidiary of ORTEN Fahrzeugbau in Germany, equips used diesel trucks and vans from 3-18t permissible total mass to 100% electric drive. The future lies in emission free and silent deliveries and passenger transport. The ORTEN ET 30 V is based on the VW T5 van and is suitable for environmentally sensitive areas, especially for use day and night in inner cities. In this first project with ARADEX the development engineers replaced the existing combustion engine with an electric motor and a VECTOPOWER inverter. The ET 30 V was used during the IAA commercial 2016 to transport journalists around the exhibition grounds.

The technology

The ORTEN ET 30 V gets its energy from powerful lithium iron phosphate batteries with a high energy density. They deliver the current for the powerful electric motor with approx. 90kW power and an impressive 560 Nm torque, which is available from still stand and so ensures real driving fun.

The electricity supply for the battery is via a 400V charging station. The charging socket on the ORTEN ET 30 V is connected to the wall box via a seven pole type 2 charging cable. Even if the battery is completely flat, charging takes a maximum of three hours. In addition, each time the brake is activated energy is recuperated. Top-up charging is also possible.

The challenge

The challenge lies in the efficiency of the drive train in order to ensure the maximum possible driving range. In addition, the VW van must drive with only one gear change up to a speed of 130 km/h, as well as master a 20% incline fully loaded. The 122 PS motor was chosen to deliver enough power and some to spare so the vehicle can start on a hill at zero torque and still reach speeds.

The result

  • A one hundred percent electric motor with a maximum speed of 130 km/h and 150 km range
  • Max. 3 hours charging for the 58 kWh lithium iron phosphate batteries
  • Permissible total mass three metric tonnes
  • Equipped with eight seats
  • Highly efficient high voltage 4 kW PTC cabin heater
  • High voltage DC/DC-converter
  • 22 kW CAN-Bus controlled charging technology

For more information visit: http://www.electric-trucks.de/en/

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