Economical electric drive for light vehicles and small vans

  • High efficiency thanks to optimally coordinated drive components
  • Increased profitability due to greater ranges
  • Perfectly matched to VECTOMOTOR electric motors
  • Increased robustness of the asynchronous drive due to VECTOPOWER

As a development partner for prototypes and small series, ARADEX develops economical electric drives that are used in small vans and light vehicles. The drives are based on industry-proven technology and extensive experience with hybrid and electric vehicles.

The efficient electrification of small vans and other light vehicles is made possible by the optimum coordination of VECTOPOWER inverters with a suitable asynchronous motor of the VECTOMOTOR family.

Depending on the load profile, different drive solutions can be offered for the electrification of small vans, as exemplified by two projects carried out by ARADEX (fully electric drive train and hybrid system).

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As a development partner for prototypes and small series, VECTOPOWER devises economical e-drives for use in small vans and light vehicles. Industry-proven drive technology and extensive experience with hybrid and electric vehicles are the basis for this.

E-drive with high efficiency

The VECTOPOWER traction drive consists of the precisely coordinated components inverter and electric motor. Interactions in the system are utilized to achieve a very high efficiency. This saves energy especially in the partial load operational range, which occurs in stop-and-go traffic, for example, and is important for consumption. The high efficiency allows greater ranges or the use of smaller and thus cheaper batteries.

Custom-fit electric motors

We select the appropriate electric motor for your application and design it according to the available space in the vehicle. The VECTOPOWER electric motors are available in different versions:

  • PM synchronous motor using reluctance torque
  • High-efficiency asynchronous motor

Low-priced serial version due to asynchronous technology

The low-priced and robustVECTOPOWER asynchronous motors lend themselves to electric vans and electric light vehicles. This is because VECTOPOWER asynchronous machines overcome the previous disadvantages of asynchronous technology. The motors provide a high efficiency and a high power density. In addition, the VECTOPOWER asynchronous machines are very robust in manufacturing as well as in handling.

Lower-priced materials can be used for asynchronous machines, e.g. expensive magnets are not necessary. As a result of their easy handling, asynchronous machines are preferable for manufacturing and assembly of the drive train as well as for installation in the vehicle.