Hybrid drive for mobile machines and heavy commercial vehicles

A powerful and robust hybrid drive with a long service life is required to reliably power mobile machines and heavy commercial vehicles. This is precisely what the compact VECTOPOWER e-drive offers: good performance data and components adapted to a rough environment. The area of application of the electric drive is construction and agricultural machines as well as municipal and commercial vehicles.

As a development partner, VECTOPOWER finds reliable drive solutions for mobile work machines and commercial vehicles. Especially for prototypes and small series, VECTOPOWER offers packages with a combination of inverter and electric motor. In this case, the electric motors are made to measure – with performance data and installation space geometry entirely according to your specifications.

Good performance data and high efficiency

The VECTOPOWER high-power electric drive masters the motor as well as the generator. This allows the realization of a high-performance diesel-electric vehicle for mobile machines and heavy commercial vehicles. The precisely coordinated VECTOPOWER system has very good characteristics and a high efficiency at all operating points of the hybrid drive. The dielectric strength up to 720 V DC allows a high-voltage on-board system with sufficient power to supply auxiliary units and accessories.

Energy management for hybrid drives

With the high outputs of diesel-electric drives in heavy commercial vehicles, power management is especially important. With the dynamic VECTOPOWER control, hybrid drives can quickly react to the respective driving conditions. A 4-quadrant operation is therefore reliably possible even with fast and high torque changes. Various energy stores can be used: e.g. batteries, supercaps or flywheel storages. The VECTOPOWER power management already works reliably in hybrid drives for commercial vehicles, ships and rail vehicles.

Industry-proven technology

VECTOPOWER inverters and electric motors come from proven experts for electric drives. Together, these companies have experience from more than 200,000 delivered components for use in aircraft, test benches, machine tools, etc. All this experience can be seen in the VECTOPOWER electric drive and gives the product a high industrial maturity.

Made-to-measure high-performance electric motors

Construction and agricultural machines as well as municipal and commercial vehicles make different requirements on electric motors. For this reason, the VECTOPOWER electric motors are available in different versions:

  • PM synchronous motor using reluctance torque
  • High-efficiency asynchronous motor

The VECTOPOWER asynchronous motors achieve the efficiency and power density values of good PM synchronous motors. The advantages of VECTOPOWER asynchronous technology are seen especially when used in mobile work machines:

  • The high overload capability allows more compact motors.
  • In the case of strong peak loads, an asynchronous motor is much more robust.

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