Motor test stand at a glance

• Torque up to 3500 Nm
• Regulated DC link voltage up to 750 VDC, also for the simulation of battery voltages
• For electric motors of all topologies
• Max. dimension of the test object: length up to 1.5 m; shaft heights 100 - 360 mm
• Rental includes expert staff and test protocols
• Safety guidelines in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (separate control room)
• Cooling water temperature and flow of the DUT are adjustable

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      The test stand was rebuilt in 2018 and offers the possibility of extremely precise testing of larger electric motors, e.g. for working machines or ships. Not only can the torque, speed and exact power maps be measured, but also a test of the control strategies under load (vehicle simulation, inertia, air resistance, incline) is possible. Likewise, the entire system (motor, inverter) can be completely measured before installation.

      Speed, torque or current can be adjusted during calibration.


      Your advantages

      The following application areas can be operated by means of a test stand:

      • The characteristics of a newly developed engine can be precisely determined or confirmed
      • Optimizing the control strategies for a specific electric motor
      • Evaluation of a drive reading by driving / load profiles

      The test on the test stand replaces costly tests on the finished vehicle and thus ena-bles significant time and cost savings in drive development.

      Technical specifications

      • Max. speed: 3500 rpm
      • Max. torque: 3500 Nm to approx. 1300 rpm
      • Continuous power: 264 kW
      • DC link voltage: 750 VDC
      • Cooling water on water-glycol basis up to 65° C adjustable
      • Variable voltage level for simulating the battery characteristic up to 400 A or 200 kW
      • Robust, adaptable mechanism with variable test bed base as well as touch, sound and burst protection
      • Also suitable for six-phase electric motors

      Functions of the engine test stand

      • Water pressure / flow characteristic
      • Measure EMF
      • Measure the resistance and inductance without current, 25° C room temperature
      • Tables Id / Iq determine motor and regenerative
      • Include tables Id / Iq from manufacturer
      • Optimize the table Id / Iq by the manufacturer
      • Determine HDFC parameters (async)
      • Torque control target / actual deviation
      • Measure speed-dependent friction (drag test)
      • Thermal measurements 1, 10 or 30 min at 3 speeds
      • Efficiency measurements by motor and generator
      • System efficiency
      • Measure the peak moments dynamically
      • Short-circuit torques speed-dependent
      • Performance measurement
      • Blocking test
      • Step response
      • Measurements small PWM
      • ECE R85 measurements


      The following test scenarios can be carried out:


      Stationary measuring point travel (hand mode)

      • A predetermined moment is set at a predetermined speed. In this way, the parameters for current, voltage, slip, etc. can be determined.
      • Stationary operating points (speed and torque) are entered into an array, which is then traversed automatically and all measuring points are documented.
      • System efficiencies based on own motor and purchased VECOTPOWER inverter from ARADEX

      Automated characteristic runs

      • "Linear measuring runs" from speed setting 1 to speed setting 2, optionally also with torque or currents
      • Selection of a characteristic curve, stored characteristic curves (can be implemented via Excel) can be traversed (max. 52 steps)


      Harmonic measurement ride

      The same operating points are approached several times in succession.


      Creation of current tables

      Q and D currents, voltages, speed and torque are calibrated and logged for all measurements.


      Operation with adjustable characteristics

      Adjustable characteristics provide the necessary flexibility for a selection of stored load profiles.

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