Conceptual design and project planning: ARADEX services in the planning phase

Project planning – in order to realize the optimal design for your system, some decisions have to be made during project planning that can only be reversed later on at considerable cost.

As a system partner, ARADEX already provides comprehensive support during this phase to find the right designs for your project, with all project-specific requirements. The optimal configuration of your system is an essential concern for us – benefit from our many years of experience in various applications from industrial and electromobile drive technology.

At ARADEX, we attach great importance to the best possible implementation of your project. For us, this not only includes the sale of individual components or even the entire drive train. Our services already start earlier: We analyze exactly what requirements and special features your project entails. For optimal project planning, we offer you various services.

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Services for conceptual design and the project planning phase


A one- to three-day workshop has proven to be a very helpful tool for everything from exactly determining the requirements to finding a specific solution approach. This clarifies the project objectives and the further course of action. In many cases, a discussion involving another perspective has resulted in substantial savings in the series as well as a significantly shortened time to market.

Requirements profile and configuration

In a first step, the project planning is designed to analyze what drive concept is most suitable for the existing prerequisites and the determined requirements, taking into account all influencing factors. Hybrid, diesel-electric, or fully electric – once the decision on the drive solution has been made, the technological and financial coordination of all required components continues.


In order to optimally implement your project, you have to make sure that the system is neither oversized nor under-dimensioned – one would lead to unnecessarily high costs, the other to insufficient performance. For this reason, it is essential to consider the specific circumstances in order to make sure that all components are correctly dimensioned and to find the optimal performance and cost structure for your application. During dimensioning, the entire drive train with all its components is planned in detail for the specific application, taking into account all load profiles and interactions.

Here, you can profit from the extensive know-how and rich experience of ARADEX engineers, who get the maximum from your application through a clever system configuration.

Feasibility analysis

Our experience has shown us that the better the planning, the more reliably the desired goal can be achieved. Frequently, a feasibility study helps to estimate series and development costs as well as a timetable to serial production or to select peripheral products. As part of a feasibility analysis, ARADEX engineers can provide you with valid time- and performance-related data as the basis for your planning.

Project management

If a project is implemented, you can leave the related coordination up to ARADEX. We will take care of the planned sequence of project implementation and compliance with all agreed quality standards.

What distinguishes ARADEX as a system partner?

  • We always look at the entire system: all components are optimally coordinated.
  • All-round package: With us, you get all components from a single source.
  • Innovative technology: We shorten your time-to-market.
  • Strong services: We are available to you as a reliable partner in all project phases.

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