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Web machine SPM Steuer hologramm printing

The highspeed-hot foil stamping machine from SPM Steuer is used for finishing packaging. In the rotary stamping embossing process holograms are stamped onto to bank notes.

The project

The SPM Steuer company based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany, is one of the market leaders in the area of high speed hot foil stamping machines. Heated stamping tools laid out according to the product are mounted on a printing cylinder, which is in continual motion. Up to 16 foil webs are directed between the printing cylinder nd a C.I. drum turning synchronously. Their positions are controlled according to the position of the stamping tool. In an extremely fastr and highly precise forward and reverse movement the foil motif is positioned to a tenth of a millimeter exactly under the stamping tool.

During the stamping process the foil has to move synchronously with the stamping cylindser. After the stamping process the foil is rewound, then accelerated up to the synchronous speed and then repositioned exactly under the next embossing tool. During this process the positioning drive (cycle roll) reaches speeds of up to 500 m/s².

Further development

Two years ago SPM Steuer started a complete new development of the machine. The ARADEX drive system was updated from a Windows-based VECTONUM NT controller to a Linux-based V8 control system. Further, the machine was equipped with a modern touchscreen based HMI with VECTOVISION. The first foil module was delivered 2012 to a Chinese customer, after which a large web machine was built in Leinfelden and further machines were sold and delivered.


The embossing machine is equipped with the complete technology stack from ARADEX. The hardware for the drive inverteres and the controller are from the product families VECTODRIVE (industrial inverters) and VECTONUM (controllers). The controller logic was programmed together with the Steuer company and then optimized for web speed and precision. The HMI was implemented wholly in VECTOVISION and visualizes the

machine status and parameters. The partnership between SPM Steuer and ARADEX goes back more than 15 years and we look forward to more exciting projects.


  • 2 foil printing modules with a total of 8 cycle rolls that are independent of one another. These are equipped with VD600 18A3 or VD600 50A2.
  • 7 synchronized web drives that are synchronized to the paper web. 
  • 32 foil winding drives for up to 16 individual foil webs, controlled via 2 separated CAN-buses
  • The machine control is via a VD CONTROL with Core2Duo-Prozessor
  • Maximum accuracy regarding the print layout to the hologramm
  • Printing speeds up to 150 m per minute, this equals approx. 45 000 packages per minute

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Cross-section foil-web machine

Cross-section foil-web machine