highspeed milling

Spindle drives for highspeed milling

VECTODRIVE® spindle inverters power highspeed spindles with up to 200kW. With the precise control the production machines achieve maximum performance. Spindle inverters from ARADEX are ideally suited for highspeed milling (Highspeed Cutting (HSC)) due to the following characteristics:

  • Short acceleration and braking times mean faster tool changes and reduced downtimes.
  • Exact positioning enables reliable tool changes.
  • Excellent speed consistency even with strong load fluctuations.
  • Low harmonics and therefore lower spindle warming due to controlled 
    LC filters.
  • High spindle torque even at high speeds and in field-weakening operation.

Application example: Aluminium machining

During high-performance machining of aluminium a 100kW synchronous spindle with ARADEX spindle inverter achieved a machining volume of 12.5 l/min.

Integrated process force monitoring

Analysis of speed, torque and spindle power. The process force is measured in high resolution. The resolution of the machining power is so exact that even the tiniest vibrations on the blade can be recognised. The continuous monitoring of the process ensures efficient parts production.

One special feature is the extremely fast signal. This forms the base for process force monitoring or control. Interference from the drive train is thus intelligently eliminated.


Monitoring of the spindle is carried out by the industrial PC which communicated with the superordinated CNC control.

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