Improved productivity for grinding and super finishing

VECTODRIVE® servo inverters improve the performance of your machine with considerably reduced cycle times. At the same time the servo inverters with integrated process monitoring improve the quality of the produced parts. The foundation for this is a high-resolution measurement of the process force.

During milling and super finishing vibrations endanger the quality of the work 
pieces. This has two reasons:

  • The progression of the process force varies from part to part.
  • The resulting overshoots can damage tool and work piece.

In order to guarantee a reliable production process the milling force is usually 
limited to approximately 80%. With ARADEX technology you always have the 
ideal grinding force. The CycleTracer technology module measures the process 
force exactly and evaluates it so quickly that the VECTODRIVE® servo inverters 
can implement the results directly.

Use with surface grinding

The surface grinding application shown above uses the CycleTracer integrated measuring technology and the dynamic control of the VECTODRIVE® servo inverters for impressive results:

  • 20% reduced tool wear
  • 30% shorter cycle times for series production

Ideal conditions for process force control


The ARADEX CycleTracer measures the process force with a resolution of up to 1:100 000. Even the tiniest unbalanced loads can be recognised, i.e. in unbalanced or damaged tools. Using this tool you implement a reliable process force control. You can also use this information in order to find the most suitable grinding material for each task.

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