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Your project has a high degree of complexity and cannot be ideally solved with standard off-the-shelf solutions? With the modularity of the VECTOPOWER components and the comprehensive system software, we can efficiently implement your individual projects and tailor them to the individual requirements. For this purpose, we will be happy to work with you to develop your own individual solution.

ARADEX offers the application-specific development of

  • Hardware solutions
  • Applications / software solutions

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ARADEX development and application services

What distinguishes ARADEX as a system provider?

  • We always look at the entire system: all components are optimally coordinated.
  • All-round package: With us, you get all components from a single source.
  • Innovative technology: We shorten your time-to-market.
  • Strong services: We are available to you as a reliable partner in all project phases.

Reference reports: Customer-specific developments of ARADEX


Additional information

Innovation and development strength of ARADEX

While ARADEX has now developed a large number of drive solutions for mobile applications, we also have many years of experience in the development of electrical drive solutions for industrial plants. Over the past three decades, ARADEX has repeatedly developed technologies that have been adopted by other manufacturers as standard.

In more than 2500 different applications, we have found individual solutions for our customers that are either optimized for maximum performance or for maximum benefit. If we do not already have a solution for your application, we will find it for you.

ARADEX has extremely high-performance servo inverters optimized for maximum performance with high stability and the smallest design possible. Servo inverters from ARADEX enable the most efficient design for your application due to their integrated real-time PLC, which can efficiently relieve the host computer, an integrated supply, an above-average control for maximum precision and dynamics, and an encoder evaluation optimized with a lower number of pulses for higher robustness and lower costs. Further features are precise control sequences in under 10 μs, the possibility of free motor selection, sensorless control for insensitivity to production tolerances or changes in ambient temperature, as well as the protection of your know-how by securing your source code or coupling the use of the machine processes to clearly identifiable hardware.

Our many years of experience in the field of industrial drive control has shown us that the degree of individualization in drive solutions is extremely high. We would like to realize your application with optimal functionality and efficiency – so we gladly take over projects that require the development of application-specific hardware and/or software.

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