Commissioning and optimization of electric drive systems: ARADEX services

The planning has been completed, the new system is to be put into operation, or individual components are to be optimally integrated in an existing system. A professional and precise commissioning is crucial for the overall performance of your application.

As a system partner, ARADEX will gladly take over this process for you – from setting up the hardware, including the optimum coordination of all components with each other, to the appropriate configuration of the software.

We recommend having the system integration or the commissioning of a new system carried out by our qualified engineers, in order to subsequently obtain an optimally functioning and ideally coordinated overall system.

The following services are offered by ARADEX during the commissioning phase:

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Services for commissioning and optimization of the drive system

System check

We want to be sure that everything fits: For this reason, the correct setting of all individual components is first checked before the drive train is assembled. Depending on the application, this can either be done at our company or at your location. Finally, during a system test prior to commissioning, all individual components are checked for correct wiring as planned.

Commissioning of the drive system

After completion of the delivery and system check, you can have the system put into operation directly by ARADEX engineers. With ARADEX as a partner for electromobility, you benefit from our experienced engineers, who ensure that your new equipment can work with maximum efficiency. We would be pleased to instruct your employees on how to deal with the new equipment in daily operation.

Support for certifications

Depending on the type of your system, different certifications and approvals may be required, e.g., TÜV, EMC approval, or certifications for high loads, shock and vibration resistance, suitability for high temperatures, etc. We will be happy to support you with our many years of experience in the certification process of your electric drive system.

Optimization of drive parameters

You want to know if your system is optimally set and maximum efficiency is achieved? With highly accurate analysis software, ARADEX can analyze your system electrically.  More than 30,000 variables can be tested in real time with a resolution of 2 μs. This data can be used to make extremely precise statements about optimization potentials.

What distinguishes ARADEX as a system provider?

  • We always look at the entire system: all components are optimally coordinated.
  • All-round package: With us, you get all components from a single source.
  • Innovative technology: We shorten your time-to-market.
  • Strong services: We are available to you as a reliable partner in all project phases.

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