IDE VECTOSTUDIO – Simple and flexible system programming

You do not want to give up programming your system? With the IDE VECTOSTUDIO, ARADEX provides a user-friendly and cost-effective integrated development environment (IDE) for programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that allows you to design your system control individually and flexibly.

VECTOSTUDIO combines the following functions and tools in a single software:

  • PLC development with IEC 61131-3
  • HMI development with VECTOVISION 8
  • Service and commissioning tools
  • Hardware configuration for VECTOPOWER® devices
  • Diagnosis and debugging tools
  • ARADEX Analyser
  • Process analysis and optimization

VECTOSTUDIO is optimally adapted to the highly efficient power electronics from ARADEX and is thus the most suitable software solution for ARADEX products.

The user interface can be individually adapted to personal requirements and only displays the currently needed information – greatly contributing to the easy usability of the tool.

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The following tools from VECTOSTUDIO are also available separately

Additional information

Functions of VECTOSTUDIO

Easy and transparent project management

Global projects require global development systems. VECTOSTUDIO allows several programmers to work on the same project at different computers and easily maintain an overview. Version management, such as GIT and Subversion, can be integrated to make change management and its documentation child’s play. Project management is fully implemented in open files, so your project consists only of ASCII- and XML-based file formats. This makes it easier to reuse code.

Programming can be done in several programming languages

VECTOSTUDIO allows you to use multiple programming languages, so you can always choose the language that suits your personal preferences. Each program module can be created in another programming language. In addition to the IEC 61131-3 languages, C ++ is also supported, which is an interesting alternative especially for large, complex projects. Since the source texts are managed in ASCII form, a cross-project exchange of the data functions without any problem, regardless of the programming languages used.  For object-oriented programming in C ++, a high-level editor support is integrated.

Fast and productive work

For more precision, VECTOSTUDIO works in real time. This can be ensured by multicore support and the outsourcing of computer-intensive tasks. Benefit from ARADEX’s decades of experience – VECTOSTUDIO keeps your dynamic, fast, and precise drive technology safely under control. Tools and data are integrated into a single solution, so you can maneuver through the development and service tools with simple drag and drop

Easy installation in Windows

VECTOSTUDIO can be easily installed without any administrative rights in Windows – the installation is done simply by extracting ZIP archives into every writable directory

No compatibility issues with other systems

The ARADEX software VECTOSTUDIO does not have any binding link to a specific system type, since VECTOPOWER works with open standards. Bidirectional interfaces allow easy connection to other systems. This keeps you flexible with regard to your individual system configuration.

Cost-effective and short development times

In the development of VECTOSTUDIO, great importance was attached to a simple modularization of the function code. This increases reusability while lowering development time and cost.

The protection of your know-how has top priority

When you use VECTOSTUDIO, the source code will only leave your system if this is explicitly triggered. Only the originally compiled program is available on the PLC. If even higher security levels are required, the source code can be additionally protected by being ported to an FPGA.