VECTOVISION HMI software – Create user interfaces easily and application-optimized

A clear and user-friendly user interface can have a significant impact on the productivity of a machine. Functional and technically optimized machines can still not provide the desired productivity if their operation has problems. For this reason, the user interface plays an important role in the overall package of your system and should be perfectly tailored to your requirements and those of your machine.

With the VECTOVISION HMI software, ARADEX provides an HMI software with which users can generate individually adapted, functional, and user-friendly user interfaces. VECTOVISION has been specially developed for the ARADEX product families and therefore represents the perfect addition to your ARADEX hardware.

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Easy and fast development

The development tools of VECTOVISION have been designed so that the program can also be efficiently used by beginners. This is made possible by the automation of standard tasks, a list of ready-to-use controls with a modern design, and a preview editor that already shows how the surface will look on the machine during processing. The direct access of all variables from CNC and PLC saves a lot of programming effort.

You have the choice: Access finished components or create them individually

A comprehensive database of finished components makes work easier for you – ranging from text boxes to buttons and pointer instruments to an online oscilloscope. Of course, you are not limited to these components but can also develop your very own user interface. The choice is yours!

Location-independent production and use

Location-independent operating and production concepts can be implemented remotely via network or Internet.


All VECTOVISION visualizations are originally based on Windows and Linux platforms. However, VECTOVISION can also perform visualizations on a remote network host. This makes the creation of the user interface device-independent. All you need is our viewer for Windows or Linux. Scaling is performed automatically on different display devices.

Integrated language switchover

With UNICODE, your user interfaces can be easily and simply converted into any language in the world – with VECTOVISION, you have a powerful tool that will support you with assignments from all over the world.

Comprehensive design definition

The appearance of a VECTOVISION control (fonts, color, icons, etc.) is defined only once at a central location. This is called a "theme". Individual themes can also be defined to visualize your corporate identity and make it consistent for all your applications. The VECTOVISION default installation is supplied with two views - a Windows desktop and an ARADEX-specific view. In addition, VECTOVISION can switch between different views of the runtime as well as between different visualization languages.

Suitable for extensive visualizations

VECTOVISION is suitable not only for rapid prototyping but also for the construction of extensive and complex visualizations. For such purposes, VECTOVISION allows projects to be split into several files and reused.

Individually expandable

The customer-specific control elements can be individually adapted and expanded to your needs and wishes in the VECTOVISION HMI software. The programming of the additional features is supported by a JavaScript process contained in VECTOVISION.

Easy installation

VECTOVISION can be installed under Windows simply by extracting the ZIP archives to every writable directory. This allows various installations to be used simultaneously on a workstation, e.g., to test new tools and use a fallback solution.

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