V8 Analyser – Analysis software for commissioning, maintenance, and optimization of electric drives

The V8 Analyser is a diagnostic tool that provides you with reliable and accurate data on the power consumption of your system. The information that is obtained always gives you a precise view of your system and ensures that all variables are always optimally coordinated with each other and your system is maximally efficient. The control parameters can be optimally set and the speed and accuracy of the system can be significantly increased.

The Analyser is included in the VECTOSTUDIO development environment as standard, and the display functions are also available in the VECTOVISION HMI software. In addition, the Analyser is also available separately as stand-alone software for the corresponding ARADEX hardware, for the requirements of which the Analyser is designed.

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V8 Analyser analysis software

Efficient commissioning and easy optimization

With the help of a built-in oscilloscope, which graphically visualizes electrical voltages over a defined time course, the voltage flows of up to 30,000 different channels can be recorded – without significantly impairing the performance. The obtained data is displayed in sinusoidal curves and provides information on which channel triggers which voltage currents at the given time. With this knowledge, optimizations in particular places can be analyzed and implemented in a particularly efficient and precise manner.

Measurements in real time

The resulting analyses are carried out with a temporal resolution of up to 2 μs, almost in real time and thus isochronously – it is therefore possible to analyze very precisely which effect is related to which cause. This low cycle-time deviation can be realized by separating particularly high-intensity computational tasks from actual real-time tasks.

High precision in diagnostics

Fourier analysis allows precise analysis of fluctuations in the frequency spectrum, thus providing an important indicator for precise optimization. Mathematical filter and analysis functions are available for this purpose. Consequently, external software for evaluating the obtained data is usually not necessary. The information you can get from the measurements is extremely accurate. They show, for example, if your bearings are not properly lubricated or something is not optimal with the process. Log files can be created automatically as well as manually and can be easily sent.

Downtimes can be minimized

The Analyser also identifies precise changes in behavior compared to the settings at the time of commissioning. Thus, errors can be detected and corrected immediately, which eliminates the need for lengthy troubleshooting. In this way, downtimes can be minimized and machine utilization can be increased.

User-friendly even without PLC knowledge

The Analyser is menu-driven and can therefore also be operated by employees who do not have any knowledge of PLC control. Since the Analyser can be used not only on ARADEX control software but on ordinary PCs, it is also available for service technicians with a laptop.

Convenient logging and evaluation

The technology modules ARATracer and ARATracer Continuous are available for logging. The continuous saving process can be started at the push of a button. The number of measuring points can be largely defined as desired and is only limited by the size of the hard disk and the computing power. The number of read-in I/Os is up to 30,000 but is limited by the respective version.

The ARATracer automatically saves an Analyser file when a pre-parameterized event occurs. With the ARATracer Continuous, the I/Os are logged and saved over a time period defined by the user. The Analyser is always running and can be called up at any time.

If an error occurs, for example, the development of the error can be observed and evaluated as well.

Optimum use of the Analyser

The basic functions of the Analyser are easy to use. To realize maximum cost and time savings, we recommend extensively using our analysis software. In order to shorten the familiarization period, we are happy to offer training courses. We look forward to your inquiry!

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