PCB sets / OEM kits VP50 for maximum flexibility of your power electronics

The special solution for special applications: The VP50 product line provides PCB sets and power components that can be the basis for application-specific developments. With VP50, we offer you maximum flexibility in optimizing power electronics specifically for your application. VP50 is designed for applications that require an extremely high degree of specialization or where a control board is already available but a power output stage is still required.

VP50 gives you a choice: Depending on the individual customer requirements, you can either exclusively purchase the power board, or ARADEX can either completely or partially take over the further development of the product so that it is specially optimized to your application. We look forward to your inquiry.

In principle, when selecting the right VECTOPOWER inverter, it is important to correctly determine the degree of specialization for your project. Our standard inverter product lines, the VP600 (bidirectional inverters) and the VP5000 (integrated system solutions, DC/DC converters), are also freely programmable and therefore offer a high degree of flexibility. We would be pleased to provide you with individual advice in order to recommend the right inverter for your application.

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Technical data of the power boards

VP50 is designed for the mobile application area and is suitable for high ambient temperatures and for all motor topologies.

  • Voltage range: 24 - 60 V
  • Thermal nominal current: optionally 40 or 100 Arms at 18 kHz PWM frequency and 36 V DC, or 8 kHz PWM frequency
  • Peak current: optionally up to 70 or 100 Arms (A) for 5 s
  • Continuous power: up to 5 kW, at 36 V DC up to 1.4 kW
  • Peak power: up to 6.6 kW, at 36 V DC up to 2.5 kW
  • PWM frequency: either 18 kHz or 2-24 kHz can be set
  • Communication: SPI or CAN and VECTOBUS


  • In order to develop a usable product from the VP50 OEM kit, the OEM kit must be supplemented by the appropriate software, in addition to the housing and the control board.
  • All necessary components and services can also be ordered from ARADEX on request. We are happy to assist you in the development of your product.
  • All products are produced in compliance with CE requirements.

Additional information

PCB sets for power electronics: Functions, customer benefit, and application areas

Functions of the VP50

  • Power board as the basis for your own product development
  • Available in the voltage classes 48 V, 400 V, 800 V, or 1000 V
  • Bidirectional current conversion (DC to AC as well as AC to DC)
  • All components in the system are always supplied with optimum current and voltage ratings
  • Communication via SPI or CAN and VECTOBUS
  • Freely programmable with IDE VECTOSTUDIO
  • All motor topologies are supported, depending on the product development
  • Optionally available with ARADEX control technology

Customer benefit

  • For flexible use: Suitable for all motor topologies and application types, depending on the application-specific customer development
  • Optimum designs and functions
  • Short development and adaptation time
  • Components and manufacturing tested for electromobility
  • ARADEX control technology with the fastest current design for optimum power supply
  • Your know-how stays protected: The use of FPGAs keeps your technology where it belongs – in your hands only!

Application areas

The solution with freely configurable control boards is used when reliable high performance is required from the power electronics with low space requirements and high efficiency.

This has made the electrification of racing cars with pulse motors a great success.

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