Supercaps in Electromobility

Supercaps (supercapacitors) are electrochemical capacitors, which are also counted as energy sources due to their construction with porous electrodes and dissolved ions in an organic electrolyte.

In particular because of their rapid loading and the resulting positive properties for recuperation, supercaps in electromobility applications can represent a sensible addition to batteries. As part of our cooperation with quality manufacturers of Supercaps, ARADEX can take the most sensible and efficient energy source for your system and integrate it optimally into the overall system.

For optimum connection of the Supercaps to the drive system, a higher capacity utilization of the capacitors as well as for protection by voltage stabilization, the VP5000 DC / DC converter from ARADEX is a sensible addition.

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Supercaps - an overview

The construction of Supercaps is usually based on a winding of four layers: a positive electrode, a separator with a saturated electrolyte, a negative electrode and a further separator with electrolyte. The energy is stored in an electric field between the carbon surface and a Helmholtz layer of ions, which can migrate through the ion-permeable separator between the electrodes. The materials used are primarily activated carbon on an aluminum foil arrester and an organic electrolyte.