Configuration tool VEConfig for simple VECTOPOWER parameterization

With VEConfig ARADEX provides a setup and control tool optimized for the VECTOPOWER family of inverters. VE Config. is thus the parameterization tool for the VECTONUM EMBEDDED control system already installed in the VECTOPOWER inverters. VEConfig allows the user to tailor the installed software and thus the hardware optimally to the individual application. This allows the behavior and dependencies of the individual components to be controlled.

VEConfig is a fixed component of the IDE VECTOSTUDIO as well as available separately.

As of version 2.4, the VE Config software, which is basically free of charge, also has a chargeable expansion option. The following table provides an overview of the respective functions of the free standard software and the chargeable expansion options.



FeatureVEConfig free versionVEConfig payed version
Connect to VD5x and VP devices via USB, serial, CANx
Read, write, save, load parametersx
Graphic overviewx
Automation interfacex
Analyzer and online analyzerx
Error logging and the creation of service reportsx
Download of firmware and modulesx
CANopen EDS file exportx
Export of I / O and error informationx
Connection to CANopen devices from third-party providers (reading and writing parameters, online analyzer)x
Display and limitation of the CAN bus loadx
Display and change, load and save the CAN data from VP devices (CANopen PDO)x
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Additional information

VEConfig configuration tool

Analysis function in real time

A built-in digital storage oscilloscope that provides data in real time makes it possible to optimally coordinate the individual system components. The visual representation of the electrical voltage of individual components over time can be used to precisely analyze which parameters have to be adjusted to correct an error or to optimize efficiency. An explicit error logging and a service report provide a structured process for optimizing the (fine) setting of your system.


Since the release of the VEConfig 2.0 version in October 2017, the software has a wizard that guides the user step by step through the device settings and thus makes a considerable benefit, especially when a device is initially commissioned. However, the simplification wizard is also used in later use. of readjustments in the setting parameters.
The wizard has a database to store engine, encoder and controller settings. This allows you to quickly recall unique settings.
Extremely practical and time-saving: thanks to the integrated cabling test it is easy to see whether all the cabling in the application is connected correctly, or at which point the cabling is not connected correctly.

screenshot ve config Wizard

Interface Wizard

User-friendly interface

The user interface has also been adapted with version 2.0. This now appears more tidily and presents central information in a clear way. Commonly used controls are combined in a toolbar.
A new graphical view, which shows all the important values ​​in the current operating mode, facilitates the operation of the devices. The functions of the device, such as inputs, outputs, controllers and filters, can be viewed live.

Screenshot ve-config speed modul

User interface, display "speed ​​module"

Firmware and PLC software module for downloading

Via the corresponding menu functions, VEConfig provides both firmware as well as various function modules for downloading. Here it is possible to use both finished, existing function modules, as well as one’s own function modules that have been created in VECTOSTUDIO according to the application – the range of functions can be individually expanded by means of one’s own programming with VECTOSTUDIO.