VP5000 – DC/DC converter for integrated system solutions

The VP5000 DC/DC converter is the practical and highly efficient complete solution for power components – equipped with the most innovative ARADEX technology, integrated real-time control, and numerous application modules.

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Voltage range: 48V - 770V
Continous power: 200 kW



Voltage range: 48V - 770V
Continous power: 60 kW



Voltage range: 48V - 770V
Continous power: 200 kW


Additional information

Complete solutions and DC/DC converters: Functions, customer benefit, and application areas

Functions of the VP5000

  • Fully integrated DC/DC converter for mobile applications
  • Efficiency of up to 99%
  • Available in the voltage classes 800 or 1000 volts (higher powers can be realized by interconnecting several devices)
  • Minimum voltage ripple of less than +/- 1 pp, which allows optimum operation of batteries and supercapacitors
  • Communication via CAN and VECTOBUS interfaces
  • Bidirectional control of current and voltage. Controlled jump from 0 to 200 kW in less than 1 ms
  • Contains V8 ANALYSER analysis tool, which can record over 30,000 variables absolutely isochronously in real time
  • Certified robustness against shocks, vibrations, and high ambient temperatures
  • The following operating modes can be implemented:

    • Control of the current at the output with limiting function of the voltage
    • Control of the voltage at the output with limitation of the current
    • Control of the voltage at the intermediate circuit with limitation of the current on the output side
    • Control of the voltage at the intermediate circuit with smart DC function (ideal for the interconnection of several devices)


  • Additionally in the high-level variant: Charging circuit with relay, brake chopper connection, and additional capacity with HF choke
  • Optional: Equipment with integrated, faster than average control that allows control options in real time

Customer benefit

  • The minimum voltage ripples protect batteries and supercapacitors against high voltage peaks, which allows them to be optimally operated and thus protected
  • Optimum design of the DC on-board system: The voltage level is kept constant by precise and fast compensation for load changes. This not only protects the system but enables a comparably high utilization, which allows efficiency and thus cost advantages to be realized.
  • More safety: The fast regulation of current and voltage offers increased protection against current and voltage peaks and therefore against system failures
  • For flexible use: Simple construction of systems from energy stores that can all work with different voltages, technology, and internal resistances. In addition, the higher-level system can be designed independently of the battery or supercapacitor type.
  • Protection of batteries and supercapacitors against damage caused by overvoltage and overcurrent.
  • Powerful: Suitable for a power range of up to 1080 V DC and 1560 KVA per power stage.
  • Excellent efficiency: DC/DC converters from ARADEX allow efficiency levels of the entire system of up to 99% with corresponding system integration and thus provide maximum efficiency.
  • Reduced expenditure on installation and commissioning due to the complete integration of all components in one housing
  • Simple design of energy storage systems that can work with different voltages, technology, and internal resistances.
  • A stable intermediate circuit makes the configuration of the other power components in the system easier and more efficient
  • The higher-level system can be optionally configured independently of the battery or supercapacitor types.
  • Compact dimensions for maximum performance with low space requirements

Application areas

  • For coupling batteries, supercapacitors, or other DC sources to a complete solution, bidirectionally as well
  • For stabilizing the voltage level of fuel cells

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