Overview of the VECTOPOWER family of inverters

Power electronics from ARADEX – The heart of electric drive systems: High-performance inverters and DC/DC converters for precise, safe, and fast voltage regulation in electric drive systems.

Power electronics from ARADEX – The heart of electric drive systems: High-performance inverters and DC/DC converters for precise, safe, and fast voltage regulation in electric drive systems.

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VECTOPOWER inverters – We get the most out of your machines

The VECTOPOWER range is your efficient solution for power electronics!

The VECTOPOWER product family consists of inverters that connect the electric motor with the energy source. Their basic function is to regulate current and voltage for the electric motor, thus determining speed and torque. Inverters do this by converting direct current into 3-phase alternating current or vice versa, without mechanically moving parts.

Whether you are realizing a traction drive in a car, a locomotive, or a ship; implementing a mobile generator; or helping an excavator to turn faster – the VECTOPOWER is the inverter for efficiently implementing such projects.

With the VECTOPOWER products, ARADEX provides extremely efficient and versatile inverters that cover all possible current conversion variants, depending on the product type. Most VECTOPOWER product types can even be used in parallel for several conversion variants. Efficiency improvements, especially in partial-load operation, are a major goal of VECTOPOWER inverters. In combination with the ARADEX motor VECTOMOTOR, they achieve a very good efficiency of over 95% in the partial-load range. This high efficiency is attained by electrically executing operations that were originally mechanical. This has the advantage that at least some of the energy remains in the system and can be fed back into the battery – e.g., when a braking action is carried out by the inverter and the energy is not lost as heat but is partially preserved in the scope of recuperation.

The VECTOPOWER is optimized for mobile applications from 20 kW and can therefore be used in all types of electrified utility vehicles, construction machines, or even ships. Due to its robustness, the VECTOPOWER inverter has also proven its worth in stationary applications where harsh ambient conditions (such as severe vibrations, high temperatures) prevail.

MTU train with hybrid drive

Illustration 1: MTU train with hybrid drive

VECTOPOWER - Strengths and functions

Inverters for universal use

The inverters of the VECTOPOWER family offer maximum flexibility in configuration and can be used for traction drives, function drives, generators, high-frequency applications, island network generation, power supply, as well as DC/DC conversion. This means that specially adapted hardware is no longer required for a wide range of applications; the VECTOPOWER product family already covers these hardware requirements. A variety of applications can be implemented with one hardware, e.g., traction drives for land, water or rail; energy feedback into the public grid; battery simulation up to 1.6 MW; or turbine applications with 150,000 rpm. A corresponding parameterization is sufficient. This saves time and money in development!

VECTOPOWER covers all utility vehicles with power ranges from 20 kW to 1 MW and voltage ranges from 48 - 1050 V.

Thanks to the standard CAN bus interface that is implemented, the inverters can be easily connected to the vehicle control.

Built-in high-speed PLC for demanding control tasks

The integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) and the corresponding pre-installed firmware make it possible to implement even complex control tasks as well as technical processes directly in the VECTOPOWER inverter, without having to use special additional hardware. In addition, the universal ARADEX platform for software and firmware can also be used to access all of the tried and tested ARADEX technology from stationary applications and products for mobile applications.

Optimized energy management

Since the same software is used for all performance classes, the technology from stationary applications can also be accessed. With ARADEX’s own VECTOSTUDIO software, the VECTOPOWER inverter can be freely programmed according to your needs. The included analysis software provides quasi-real-time data (resolution of up to 2 μs) for numerous variables, which allows an extremely precise adjustment.

Compact and strong – Maximum performance in the smallest space

Especially in mobile applications, more space and weight often mean higher costs, which is why we attach great importance to the fact that our VECTOPOWER family inverters have a very high power density.

With a capacity of 350 kVA and a construction volume of less than 10 liters, we are sure that the equipment will fit almost everywhere and still get even more power for your drive. An excellent efficiency of 98% can be realized.

Flexibly expandable power electronics

For drives with more than 250 kW peak power, several of our VECTOPOWER devices can be connected together. Drives with up to 1.6 MW can be implemented in this way. An additional advantage is that you can easily implement redundant drive systems. This is useful, for example, when designing ship drives or important generators.

Robust – Our VECTOPOWER inverter is tough

The large number of applications already realized with the VECTOPOWER show that the device is also designed for extreme applications. Because we have high demands for our power electronics at ARADEX, the VECTOPOWER has been tested under the toughest conditions. Whether cooling water temperatures of up to 75 °C, jet water, dust (IP65), or the most severe vibration and shock loads of up to 50 °C: The VECTOPOWER can be relied on!

It goes without saying that stability and operational safety have also been tested, for example, by TÜV according to the requirements of the railway, ship, and heavy-duty vehicles area or by Deutsche Bundesbahn.

VECTOPOWER inverter in the application

Illustration 2: VECTOPOWER inverter in the application