Product details electric motor VM600M-18W0134-D



"DirectDrive" VECTOPOWER motor for mobile applications, optimized to 1: 1 speed of the cardan shaft; Optimized for DC voltage of 670V and 400V.

Article no.


Rated power3)

146 kW

Number of pole pairs


Terminal voltage (AC)

460 V

Electrical wiring

Delta connection

Efficiency at continuous load (up to)

93 %

Rated speed nN

Noiminal torque 1)

Nominal current UVW, per phase

215 Arms

Peak current UVW, per phase

450 Arms

Temperature sensors

PT100, NTC

Shaft design

cylindrical without shaft key

Total length

930 mm

External diameter

400 mm


361 kg

Cooling medium

Water/glycol (50:50)

Max. coolant temperature without derating

35 °C

Protection class according to EN 60529


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