HY-TTC 500 – ECUs for complex control systems

The HY-TTC 500 control units are available in the three variants HY-TTC 510, HY-TTC 540, and HY-TTC 580 to meet the different requirements of OEMs for high-end controllers. The variants differ in regard to the I/O sets and the available interfaces.

The HY-TTC 500 controller from TTControl, a joint venture of TTTech and Hydac can also be ordered via ARADEX when designing the drive train with ARADEX technology.

HY-TTC 500 has the following key features:

  • High performance: 32-bit dual-core lockstep CPU, 180 MHz and floating-point unit, 12-bit ADCs
  • Comprehensive I/O set with several software configuration options per pin
  • Open programming environment C, CODESYS® V3.x and CODESYS® V3.x safety SIL 2
  • IEC 61508 (SIL 2) and EN ISO 13849 (PL d), TÜV-tested
  • Connectivity: Up to 7 CAN interfaces
  • Ethernet
  • Up to 2.3 MB RAM / 11 MB flash memory



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HY-TTC 580 HY-TTC 540 HY-TTC 510

CPU Core

32 bit TI TMS570, ARM cortex-R4F basiert,
Dual-Core Lockstep CPU and memory protection for safety-relevant applications, 180 MHz

3 MB int. flash, 256 kB int. RAM, 2 MB ext. RAM

8 MB ext. flash
64 kB ext. EEPROM



7 x CAN, bis zu 1 Mbit/s 4 x CAN, bis zu 1 Mbit/s 3 x CAN, bis zu 1 Mbit/s
1 x Ethernet, up to 10 Mbit/s for Download and Debugging
1 x RS-232
1 x LIN serial interface
Anzahl I/Os 36 inputs, 60 outputs (36 x PWM) 52 inputs, 44 outputs (28 x PWM) 44 inputs, 40 outputs (16 x PWM)
Sensor supply

1 x Sensor supply 5-10 V / max. 2,5 W / Configurable with SW in 1V steps

2 x Sensor supply 5 V / max. 500 mA


Intern Internal monitoring of the Board temperature, sensor supply and supply voltage Power-on via K15 or wake-up pin


C-Programming / CODESYS® Safety SIL 2 / CODESYS® / VECTOSTUDIO

CODESYS® V3 supports CANopen® Master

Functional safety

IEC 61508 SIL 2 / EN ISO 13849 PL d

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Characteristics of the HY-TTC 500 control (ECU)

The HY-TT 500 control is a control that has been developed for your more complex control requirements and can implement these safely and reliably.

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