HY-eVision² display control

The HY-eVision² product family offers a user-friendly user interface with maximum resolution, can be programmed with CODESYS®, and also offers, for example, the ability to view and create PDF® documents. The modular operating terminals are available in a large 10.4-inch version with touch screen (HY-eVision² 10.4) and a smaller 7-inch version (HY-eVision² 7.0).

 The devices are designed to be used as a central control panel in mobile applications such as excavators or large boring machines. The HY-eVision² devices provide the operator with the most ergonomic control over a maximum number of functions in a sophisticated, networked control system. The visualization of the various vehicle-internal parameters, such as speed, temperature and sensor data in real-time, is optimally implemented and displayed to the operator at all times.

The HY-eVision² controller from TTControl, a joint venture of TTTech and Hydac, can also be ordered via ARADEX when designing the drive train with ARADEX technology.

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