HY-eVision² display control

The HY-eVision² product family offers a user-friendly user interface with maximum resolution, can be programmed with CODESYS®, and also offers, for example, the ability to view and create PDF® documents. The modular operating terminals are available in a large 10.4-inch version with touch screen (HY-eVision² 10.4) and a smaller 7-inch version (HY-eVision² 7.0).

 The devices are designed to be used as a central control panel in mobile applications such as excavators or large boring machines. The HY-eVision² devices provide the operator with the most ergonomic control over a maximum number of functions in a sophisticated, networked control system. The visualization of the various vehicle-internal parameters, such as speed, temperature and sensor data in real-time, is optimally implemented and displayed to the operator at all times.

The HY-eVision² controller from TTControl, a joint venture of TTTech and Hydac, can also be ordered via ARADEX when designing the drive train with ARADEX technology.

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With the display control HY-eVision² everything in view

Two cameras keep an eye on everything

  • Large 10.4-inch display allows two simultaneous video feeds
  • Picture-in-picture permits a software-controlled superimposition of the camera image onto the graphical user interface displayed on the screen
  • Cost savings, since no separate display is required to show the rear-view backup camera image
  • Increases work safety
  • Superimposition of graphic elements over a camera image

Robust and easy to clean

  • The sturdy aluminum die-cast housing (10.4 ") or the aluminum front (7") ensures optimum suitability in harsh environments. The robust housings provide protection against electromagnetic interference as well as mechanical stress.
  • Suitable temperature range: -30 ° C to +60 ° C


  • The display controls of the HY-eVision² product family offer sophisticated day and night designs with the integrated ambient light sensor
  • Customer-oriented OEM logo, which can integrate a visualization completely into the design of the vehicle cabin
  • Choice of control panel or cabin mounting, and panorama or portrait format

Powerful CPU

  • High-performance processor with 32 bit / 800 MHz CPU
  • 1 GB flash memory
  • 512 MB RAM
  • ARM Cortex A8
  • The response to user input is fast; the display is smooth
  • Expanded user interfaces are available.

Fast and cost-effective development of graphical HMIs

  • Easy to program or debug with CODESYS®
  • Support of object-oriented programming concepts
  • HMI panel can be adapted to different languages simply and easily
  • Specific supplements to the user interface such as transparency effects, graphics library, and Unicode fonts make it possible to take into account specific customer requirements in a particular case
  • Dynamic effects such as animation are supported

Easy maintenance and diagnostics

  • PDF documents can be displayed, and free movement is possible on the user interface as well as zooming in and out
  • PDF files can be created, downloaded via USB, and sent via e-mail from a PC
  • Due to USB connectivity, operating data can be easily transferred and new applications and updates can be installed
  • GSM/EDGE and GPS modules enable easy remote diagnostics
  • Fast commissioning through download function, which allows a simple software update of the display and all connected ECUs

Internal components

  • Real-time clock
  • Temperature sensors
  • Buzzer
  • Ambient light sensor to adjust the background lighting of the user interface


  • Version 10.4 provides four CAN interfaces as standard
  • Version 7.0 provides two CAN interfaces as standard (but can be delivered with four on request)

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