Vehicle controls: ECUs for electromobile applications

Vehicle controls, also called ECUs (electronic control units), are electronic modules that take over the control and regulation processes of automated functions in vehicles.

The controls listed here are developed and produced by our ECU partner TTControl, a joint venture of TTTech and Hydac. TTTControl ECUs are sold by ARADEX only as part of a powertrain design with ARADEX technology.

For our customers, this means:

  • All components are developed and manufactured by experienced companies within their core competence
  • Nevertheless, you receive the entire drive train from one source, which reduces the amount of tuning
  • Through our competent partners, we can provide you with the right control for the application in every project

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By default ARADEX offers the following controls:

Further controls on request.

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Functions of ECUs

ECUs follow the IPO model (input – processing – output), whereby defined physical characteristics, such as, e.g., speed or temperature, are determined by sensors, and the actual values determined in this way are compared with the nominal values that have been calculated or entered in the control unit. Any differences are then adjusted by the control by regulating the corresponding parameters. In order to be able to fulfill such an “intelligent” function for a specific application, the controls are programmable.

In automotive engineering, a decentralized control system is usually integrated, i.e., there are several distributed controls that are installed at the respective vehicle components. These controls can be connected with each other via different system buses, such as, e.g., CAN. In this way, a system-wide communication regarding operating states and other relevant vehicle data takes place.

Our goal is to find the right controller for every application designed with ARADEX drive technology. We are happy to provide you with further controls with more specific requirements.

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