Chokes, Cables, Filters, Capacitors: ARADEX offers the right components for all products


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Accessories and components for ARADEX hardware

It goes without saying that we also provide accessories for the optimum system integration of our hardware. We will be happy to help you choose the right accessories. The following components are available from us:

DC filter for the intermediate circuit

At ARADEX, special filters are available for both DC and AC, e.g. LCN, commonmode, ...

Housing for components

All additional components waterproof and tidy - in an additional housing for cable, filter, capacitor, etc.

Capacitors for the intermediate circuit

Capacitors are electrical components that ensure the energy storage in the DC circuit during current conversion in order to avoid losses

HF chokes for the DC intermediate circuit

Our HF-DC filters prevent unwanted oscillations in the DC circuit of your system

Electric wire

Signal cable for encoder connection of Intercontec, lengths can be varied according to customer specifications.


Adapter with various connection possibilities and crimping pliers made of chrome-vanadium steel in various designs.

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Inverter VP600

VECTOPOWER inverter for optimum current regulation

Electric motors VECTOMOTOR

Electric motors VECTOMOTOR

Powerful electric motors for traction, propulsion and auxillary