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Hybrid drive solutions

Hybrid drive solutions for commercial vehicles

By definition, hybrid drive systems consist of two drive components and two energy storages. In our case, one of the energy stores is a battery, but its capacity can be significantly smaller than with purely battery-electric solutions. Depending on the application, so-called supercapacitors can also be used. In hybrid topology, we distinguish between serial and parallel hybrids. In a parallel hybrid, an internal combustion engine and an electric motor are mechanically coupled to perform the drive tasks. In a serial hybrid, an internal combustion engine with an electrical generator is used to generate electrical energy, while the entire vehicle is then powered electrically.


up to 80% of the braking energy is reused


Reduced fuel consumption, significantly improved exhaust gas values

More power

Higher peak power achievable for higher vehicle performance


Main potentials of hybrid drive solutions


Hybrid drive solutions have a clear advantage when purely battery-electric solutions are still economically justifiable but do not provide the required range in terms of kilometers or working hours.


Parallel hybrids require overall minor modifications to the vehicle compared to pure combustion engine solutions. In addition, depending on the system design, these also offer the advantage of increased redundancy. Depending on the application, this can be a key factor.


Serial hybrids tend to have better overall efficiencies than parallel hybrids but require fully electrified drives for propulsion, traction, and functional drives. Due to our multi-energy concept, it is relatively easy to develop serial hybrids further into hydrogen-based solutions in a later step.


In addition to charging the built-in battery in the hybrid vehicle via the internal combustion engine, a possible charging function from the public power grid can also be added as an option.

Application areas for hybrid drive solutions

  • Hybrid drive solutions are equally suitable for working machines, commercial vehicles, and ships.
  • Serial hybrids are particularly suitable for applications with high peak powers at rather low to medium continuous power levels. A further field of application arises if a transition to hydrogen technology is planned as a second step after the hybrid with a combustion engine.
  • Parallel hybrids are mainly suitable for applications with high continuous power or when high redundancy is required. For this purpose, we offer solutions for example based on asynchronous (AC induction) motors.