Real-time operating system VECTONUM Embedded

What is VECTONUM Embedded?

VECTONUM Embedded is a real-time operating system for the VECTOPOWER and VECTODRIVE inverters. As an embedded solution for PLC functionality, it is synchronous with the inverter, with a cycle time of only 0.5 ms.

In short: VECTONUM Embedded is a real-time runtime environment.

What is the purpose of a real-time runtime environment?

When an application has real-time requirements, a reaction to specific events definitely has to occur within a certain time.  This makes it possible to reliably implement specific applications and PLC processes, such as the precise positioning of the rotary motion of an electrical motor or a reaction to the input signal of a sensor (e.g. of a contact sensor).

In addition, VECTONUM Embedded is a systematic part of the ARADEX inverters: in other words, all the characteristics of the drive are available as a directly synchronized information source and all parameters for the drive can be influenced in a synchronized way. For example, the speed can be directly changed as a derivation of the internally measured torque – or a signal to other functional elements of the machine/vehicle can be generated in real time according to the actual torque.

For programming the application, VECTONUM Embedded provides a well-engineered and reliable abstraction layer, thereby ensuring the following:

  • A faster and more reliable implementation of embedded applications with real-time processes / PLC to reduce development costs
  • A controlled and deterministic sequence of function calls for maximum control and process reliability of your application.

The challenges

Fast and lean: For embedded systems, resources such as CPU and memory are always only available to a limited extent. It is therefore quite challenging to develop a fast, lean system that still provides the necessary functions. The VECTONUM Embedded applications on the VECTOPOWER mobile inverter family such as the VP600-18W160H already allow minimum cycle times of up to 0.5 ms in their standard version.

Deterministic: For real-time systems, it is not only important that calculations provide the right results but also that the complete program sequence is also always at the same operations at the same time, i.e., the repetitive cycle only minimally deviates from the timing and the so-called jitter (the delta of the actual cycle times) remains very low.

Flexible: To implement different applications, the system should provide access to the system and process variables in real time without using too much memory or CPU power. In VECTONUM Embedded, all the necessary variables are therefore available via our I/O interface, without significantly impairing performance.

Further features of the VECTONUM Embedded real-time runtime

  • Support in error handling
  • Support in modularizing functions. Example: CAN assignment as a separate module for simple adjustments.
  • Current control
  • Torque control
  • Speed control
  • Position control.
  • CANopen interface. Own variables can also be released for CANopen access via the I/O handler.
  • Analyser/logger records several 1000 I/Os with minimum performance losses

Coordinated tools

For optimum work with VECTONUM Embedded, VECTOSTUDIO is available as a fully integrated development environment, and VEConfig is available as a commissioning tool for parameterization and application maintenance.

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