Stabilization at the DC link: Droop Line control for inverter VP600

A regulation of the voltage level under varying load conditions is essential for an efficient energy management. There is now a clever solution to this technological challenge!

For electrical systems with distributed consumers and energy sources, it is a challenge to main-tain a voltage level under load in the given parameters. This is because the voltage drops – to a varying extent – with every electrical energy source, whether it is a battery, fuel cell, superca-pacitor, or generator. In an efficiency-optimized system, the voltage level must fluctuate within a defined range. However, if the permissible fluctuation range is not adhered to, this means that the consumers in the system either have to be designed for a greater voltage range or they cannot generate their full output. In both cases, the efficiency of the consumers and of the system suffers. In the worst case, the system can break down.

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