The ARADEX-Technology: This is the basis for the technological sophistication of our products

What technology makes ARADEX products so powerful and efficient?

From a technological point of view, the quality of ARADEX products is based on four pillars:


An FPGA is an integrated circuit in which a logic circuit is programmed. The FPGA can map very fast control algorithms at the hardware level with cycle times of significantly less than 10 μs, thus ensuring constant control. The jitter of ARADEX technology is 0.02 μs, which is below the industry average for more dynamics.


Our system architecture makes our products absolutely deterministic and isochronous, with a jitter of 0.02 μs. This means that all hardware and software components in the overall system are perfectly matched to one another, and all processes and interactions can be precisely planned and adjusted – for more precision.


Proprietary semiconductor models allow us to extend the physical boundaries of power electronics. Our semiconductor models can get up to 20% more power from the FPGAs through higher precision. The short cycle times allow the temperature to be determined more precisely, and the performance of the IGBTs can almost be exhausted up to the maximum load limit – for more efficiency.


With VECTOSTUDIO, ARADEX provides a configurable development environment for all applications – for creating user interfaces, detailed analysis capabilities with several 1000 variables in real time, as well as a configuration tool – for more process control.

These technological principles, which are used in all ARADEX products, are the basic framework for the reliably high quality standard of our products! But that alone is not enough: As an innovative system supplier with high quality requirements, we not only have high-performance products. We know that each system has individual characteristics and challenges. For this reason, it is of central importance for us to always optimally coordinate the entire system with all the interactions of the individual components.

With our basic technology and precise system adjustment, we make the impossible possible – and get the maximum out of your application!

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ARADEX technology and technology modules

In addition to power electronics, ARADEX offers so-called technology modules. These modules are software components that can modify the hardware function and be used according to the application. This gives the VECTOPOWER family additional flexibility for integration in different applications.