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ARADEX develops power electric components and systems for mechatronic drive technology that is used in varied applications and industries. The focus is on converters and inverters as well as the required controllers for use in energy supply and transfer. Our overall understanding for drive technology means that electric or hybrid concepts become reality - in the machine building industry as well as in electric mobility.

Today, power electronics belong to the key technologies in areas such as energy supply, drive technology or in the automobile industry. Power electronics have a central role in every electric drive train. This includes control of the electric machine, communication with the ECU and drive diagnosis.

Continuous further development of electronic components and improved circuitry meand the power electronic components are nowadays smaller, lighter, more efficient and cheaper leading to higher performance and innovative functionalities.

ARADEX sees its role in optimizing the total system and guaranteeing the highest possible energy efficiency.

ARADEX is a system supplier and offers interdisciplinary perspectives on mechatronics. Products and services are developed with an eye on the application using software, mechanics and electronics for an efficient integration and process optimisation.

Our competence reaches from planning to development to commissioning of production systems, automation systems, measuring and testing technology and electronics. We work for the success and competitiveness of our customers.

Experience of over 2500 applications ranging from machine tools, web processing machines, packaging machines to diesel-electric and pure electric drives for electric mobility demonstrate the spectrum of innovation for mechatronic power electronics while still adhering to the industrial trend 4.0. 

The ARADEX band width reflects our know-how: from machine and plant construction to automobile and electronics industry to energy technology, information and communications technology as well as traffic engineering. Reference solutions show the technological optimization. The logistics industry aerospace industry, food and luxury food industry, as well as medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry also profit from this.

In the future of mobility conventional drive technology with a combustion engine will be replaced by electrical machines. With its innovative mobility concepts ARADEX builds bridges to future drive solutions, which redefine the electric drive train.

Business operations as well as safety aspects come to the fore and demand a development partner who is aware that electric mobility in the future is only possible with a technologically leading supplier.

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