Electric trucks: German SMEs EFA-S and ARADEX expand partnership

  • Supplier of the electric drive train buys the first EFA-S van from the E35 series
  • The companies are also strengthening their cooperation in the field of electric vehicles

(Lorch) Two Swabian medium-sized companies are expanding their long-term partnership: EFA-S GmbH, which specializes in purely electric trucks, and ARADEX AG. ARADEX supplies electric motors, inverters and control elements for the commercial vehicles built by EFA-S. ARADEX has now bought the first E-Van from EFA-S. The vehicle is funded by the State of Baden-Württemberg as part of the State Initiative III Market Growth for Electric Mobility BW.

While up to 2019 EFA-S concentrated exclusively on converting high-quality, used commercial vehicles to electrically powered trucks and buses, the company is now installing its proven electric drives in brand new vehicles. "We also want to enable quiet, clean and economical electric drives for customers who do not have the appropriate end-of-life vehicles," states director Bastian Beutel. The first series with the model name E35 was launched in autumn 2019 as a version with a platform / tarpaulin and with a box body. This year it was expanded to include versions with a double cabin, a van (closed panel van) and a bus with up to nine seats.

ARADEX board member Gerd Günther took possession of the first delivered E35 Van this week at EFA-S's headquarters in Zell unter Aichelberg, Germany. "We are delighted that we can now include the first vehicle in our company fleet that runs with a highly efficient drive train that we developed ourselves," said Mr. Günther at the handover. "We will actively use it in our goods transport. This vehicle also offers us the perfect platform to generate added value for our customers in the form of new software technology modules more quickly. ”

"The EFA-S strategy is that we always offer customers electronic commercial vehicles whose range, payload and vehicle type are tailored to the respective application," explains Beutel. "In the basic version, the E35 models therefore have a payload of around one ton and a range of 200 kilometers, which is perfectly sufficient for numerous applications." Payloads of more than 1.5 tons are also possible.

EFA-S uses lithium iron phosphate batteries with ceramic separators (LFP). Even the standard version with 80kWh offers about twice as much energy as previously available in the electric van market. At the customer's request, EFA-S also installs larger batteries. "We already have experience with much larger and heavier vehicles, in which we have installed batteries with up to 244kWh. EFA-S vehicles have already driven more than five million kilometers electrically, the majority of them in the tough start-stop mode of the UPS parcel and express service.

About EFA-S

Elektrofahrzeuge Stuttgart GmbH (EFA-S) is a specialist in the development, conversion and production of purely electric trucks. Since 2016 the company has been majority owned by Beijing Zhonghuan Investment Management Co. Ltd .. The Chinese partner specializing in the automotive industry including major shareholders of the listed Beijing WKW Automotive Parts and Wuzhoulong Motors. Beijing WKW emerged from a German-Chinese joint venture, employs 8,000 people and supplies car manufacturers in China and Europe. The bus manufacturer Wuzhoulong Motors employs 10,000 people, builds up to 30,000 buses annually and delivers to more than 40 countries worldwide. Wuzhoulong specializes in buses with environmentally friendly drives, especially hybrid and pure electric vehicles.

On the one hand, EFA-S is a specialist in converting trucks and buses with internal combustion engines to environmentally friendly vehicles with electric drives and is considered the technology leader in Germany. Since 2019, EFA-S has also been offering new electric trucks based on brand-new vehicles from the Russian commercial vehicle market leader GAZ. EFA-S co-founder Reinhardt Ritter had already converted a brand new VW Polo to high-voltage synchronous motor drive technology as early as 1990. From the beginning, EFA-S relied on highly efficient synchronous motors, which have the lowest energy loss among all electric drives. Thanks to the combination with high-voltage technology up to 800 volts and a continuously developed energy management system, EFA-S vehicles achieve the highest performance with the lowest power consumption. As a result, the company has already converted trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 18 tonnes and a high payload to emission-free electric vehicles. Further information at www.efa-s.de.


ARADEX is a leading provider of electric drive trains for commercial vehicles, construction machinery and ships. Our complete portfolio with outputs between 20 kW and 4000 KW includes converters, DCDC converters, electric motors, controls and energy storage including the software solutions required for this. Mobile machines with ARADEX technology require less energy and are easier to use thanks to new software functions.

ARADEX, as a member of the global WEICHAI group, is responsible for the drive technology in the group. Together with our partner companies such as Linde Hydraulics, Ballard, Baudouin and WEICHAI we are able to implement even the most demanding projects.