With VECTOPOWER to the European market leadership

It has now been three years since ARADEX equipped the full-electric "Sileo" bus with the proven VECTOPOWER power electronics for the first time. From the very beginning, the concept had the challenge of an optimal layout of the powertrain: the 12-meter-long 18-ton bus should be able to be used for a whole day in urban transport without having to wait for the batteries to be recharged.

The application-specific, precisely adjustable power electronics from ARADEX enabled up to 75% of the braking energy to be recirculated back into the battery by recuperation. This allowed range ranges of up to 350 km, which is sufficient for a complete Tagessschicht. Thus the bus has to be loaded only at night in the depot and can be used throughout the day. Due to the redundant drive train of 240 kW power also the start-up on the mountain in full state at 20% slope is no problem. By the efficient energy management an extremely low energy requirement could be realized, which is about 30% below the commercial average.

In this way, ARADEX's power electronics has played a major role in the fact that the "Sileo", which is also available in other lengths, has developed into a European market leader within the past three years.

We are delighted by the success of the "Sileo" bus line as well as to numerous new challenges in the field of electric mobility, which we want to help to achieve maximum efficiency and efficiency thanks to many years of experience and deep understanding of the interaction in electric drive trains.

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