Software-Release: VE-Config 2.0 available

As of October, a new version of the configuration tool VE-Config is available, which considerably improves the operation of the VEConfig tool. This includes, among other things, an improved display of relevant information as well as some new added functions. The new version enables faster and more reliable commissioning. As a result, Version 2.0 represents a gain in productivity for both beginners and advanced users.

The following functions are explained below:

1. A new wizard guides you through the initial commissioning of a device. This reduces the necessary prior knowledge and the time for initial commissioning. The wizard can also be used when individual components (e.g., the engine) are changed, or for readjustment.
2. The wizard has a database to store engine, encoder and controller settings. This allows you to quickly recall unique settings.
3. The user interface appears tidier. Central information is presented in a clear way. Commonly used controls are summarized in the toolbar.
4. A new, graphical view facilitates operation of the devices. The values ??that are important in the current operating mode are shown clearly. The functions of the device, such as inputs, outputs, controllers and filters, can be viewed live.
5. In the event of an error, several error states are often set. In the error view, the triggering error is highlighted at the top of the list. Thus, a distinction can be made quickly between the reason and the following errors.
6. Errors are now also displayed in the Windows Message Center. If the device reports an error, it is immediately visible, even if the VE-Config program is not in the foreground.
7. The analyzer configuration has been summarized in a screen.
8. An automatic wiring test can detect missing or confused cables from the motor and position sensor. This function addresses a frequent source of error and can save time during commissioning.

9. A new, automatic function for determining the commutation angle also works if the motor is already installed in the system, whereby further simplification could be implemented during commissioning.

Click here to download the VE-Config 2.0 release