Product announcement: New PM engine at ARADEX

At the end of the year, ARADEX AG's engine portfolio will be expanded by a powerful PM reluctance motor.

It is expected that the new engine will be equipped with the VM600-18W0350 product code with a maximum torque of 3500 Nm and a peak power of up to 400 kW and thus optimized as a strong direct drive for large applications. Depending on the cooling water temperature, this would be suitable both for traction (probably 1700 Nm at 65 C cooling) and for propulsion applications (probably 2000 Nm at 35 C cooling). As with all motor types of the ARADEX product family VECTOMOTOR, this motor is also a compact and efficient drive solution with a degree of efficiency of well over 90 percent compared to the performance data, as well as the option for field weakening for speed control.

Due to the high performance, the high efficiency and the compactness, the new ARADEX development will fully meet the latest requirements for the high-performance and efficient construction of modern commercial vehicles and ships.

In addition, the new motor will also be offered in a "slave variant" with a driven axis.

For both versions, ARADEX has the VP600-18W268 inverter as well as the optimally matched power electronics in the portfolio, through the combination of optimized compatibilities.

Planned market introduction for the new development is at the end of 2017. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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