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Our download area contains extensive information for you. In addition to the flyers for individual product families, you will also find our main VECTOPOWER catalog, as well as reports on electric mobility projects that ARADEX has already carried out (reference reports).

Furthermore, we provide you with detailed case studies and white papers that contain interesting and helpful technological knowledge. Individual aspects of electric drive technology are communicated in a detailed yet comprehensible manner.

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VEConfig 2.5

Software Release: ANALYSER 2.2.5

VE Config 2.4

DC/DC converter VECTOPOWER for fuel cells

Motor and converter test bench

Training overview VECTOPOWER

Flyer VECTOPOWER Model 3

Software release: Analyser 2.1.0

Software release: VEConfig 2.3

Reference report MultiToolTrac

Software-Release: Analyser 2.0.2

Software release: VEConfig 2.2.1

Release: VE Config 2.2

Drive train packages VECTOMOTOR + VECTOPOWER

Software release: VEConfig 2.1

Reference report: Vehicle with fuel cell range extender

Reference report: Energy generation system Surf'n'Turf

User Guide VECTOSTUDIO 1.6.2

Reference report: Energy self-sufficient house

Reference report: Fully electric dumper

Reference report: Electrified delivery vehicles

VECTOMOTOR VM600m traction

Software-Release: VE Config 2.0

Reference report: Luxury yacht Adler Suprema

The ORTEN ET 30 V - purely electric through the city center

Reference report: ELENA Electric drive retrofit kit

Reference report: eGPU Energy supply of aircraft

Reference report: Expedition ship Opal

Reference report roller coasters

Reference report: Weaving machine SPM Control hologram printing

Reference report: Electric solar ferry ES Maria Wörth

Reference report: Hybrid train with MTU Powerpacks

Reference report: freight ship ENOK

Product catalog VECTOPOWER

Interaction of converters

Whitepaper: Use of bidirectional DC / DC converters

Whitepaper: Optimal voltage design of mobile systems

Electrification of commercial vehicles

Drive systems in comparison

DC / DC converters for batteries, SuperCaps and fuel cells




VECTOMOTOR VM600m marine

Transmission for mobility VG600m

VECTOSTUDIO - The efficient software

Use Case: DC source as battery simulator