Certifications as quality features

Achieving high quality for our customers is a central requirement of ARADEX AG. This quality standard includes the products and services as well as process flows within the entire value creation process.

For this reason, ARADEX (or in some cases individual product types) was tested by independent institutes and awarded various certifications. These certifications represent verifiable quality features both for customers of ARADEX AG and for end customers.

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Certifications of ARADEX AG

[Translate to Englisch:] DNV GL Zertifizierung


The DNV GL seal certifies special resistance and durability of components for marine applications and thus provides guidance on qualitative product features. The DNV GL Seal ensures that process systems and equipment are developed and produced according to applicable specifications and meet project-specific and legal criteria.

Certified product types

  • VP600-18W140-HP
  • VP600-18W160-HP
  • VP600-18W268
  • VP600-28W233
  • VP600-28W244


The AEO certification attests to an especial reliability and trustworthiness and leads to privilieges during the customs clearance processes. This is a system designed to guarantee a continuous protection of the international delivery chain.

[Translate to Englisch:] AEO-F Zertifizierung

[Translate to Englisch:] ISO Zertifizierung

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certifies compliance with a generally accepted quality management system. It must be demonstrated to an independent certification company that a recognized quality management system is fully and successfully implemented for all processes in the company.


The ECE test mark indicates that the component in question was manufactured in accordance with internationally agreed, uniform technical regulations. It is a labelling of components subject to approval in motor vehicles. Certified components meet the technical requirements in 47 states and benefit from the mutual recognition of permits.

Certified product types

  • VP600-18W160-HP
  • VP600-18W140-TR
  • drive combination VP600-18W160-HP + VM600M-18W0115
  • drive combination VP600-18W140-TR + VM600M-18W0115
  • drive combination VP600-18W160-HP + VM600M-18W0134
[Translate to Englisch:] E1 Zertifizierung