ARADEX Corporate Policy

To ensure that we continue to meet customer requirements in terms of quality, technology, and logistics and to ensure that our processes and procedures comply with legal regulations, we have defined the following guidelines:

  1. Maximum customer satisfaction is the guiding principle for all employees. Customer requirements are determined and communicated to employees, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction and improving products and processes.
  2. Our aim is to involve and motivate our employees to meet the expectations of interested parties, customers, and employees. We ensure the activities of all employees, suppliers, and subcontractors who come into contact with our services.
  3. We strive for innovation in our core competencies, products, and services
  4. We commit ourselves to plan and develop a quality management system in accordance with the standard requirements. This system is to monitor and evaluate the implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of our company through appropriate measures.
  5. Agreed annual and process targets are in line with this policy and correspond to the zero-defect strategy. The targets are defined for appropriate functional areas and levels within the company and can be measured. We work in a result-oriented manner for our common goals. Action plans for achieving the objectives are drawn up and pursued.
  6. Management provides the necessary resources in terms of infrastructure and an appropriate working environment. We focus on qualified in-house training and an awareness of lifelong learning. All employees are required to avoid unsecured dependencies and human exploitation through appropriate planning and information flows. We work together strategically, in a friendly, team- and goal-oriented manner.
  7. Environmentally conscious and resource-conserving actions determine our work processes and building management with regard to energy consumption and waste avoidance. Customer requirements, official and legal requirements are constantly brought in line with our process flows and the QMS. The safety of our employees during the performance of their activities and the maintenance and improvement of our operational facilities must be paramount here.

This policy provides the framework for setting and evaluating objectives. It is assessed for its ongoing appropriateness and understood within the company.


Lorch, Germany, May 3, 2017

The Executive Board of ARADEX AG