Competencies: Aradex as a system partner for electromobility in commercial vehicles and ships

This is what we offer


  • The complete drive train
  • High-quality, high-performance, and energy-efficient products
  • Optimum coordination of all components – so that the entire system delivers optimal performance
  • Extensive, customer-oriented services for all project phases
  • With us, you always have an ace up your sleeve: We deliver technological innovations that will make your application technically competitive for many years

Your advantages


  • Everything from a single source – the coordination effort and the cost of the entire system are reduced
  • All components are perfectly matched to one another
  • A reliable system partner who is the central point of contact for all issues and precisely knows the entire system
  • Competitive advantage through faster time-to-market
  • Risk minimization due to ARADEX's many years of experience with electric drive technology

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ARADEX AG – our range of services at a glance

ARADEX AG specializes in electromagnetic drive solutions for utility vehicles, construction machines, and marine applications. As a system provider, we have the entire electronic drive train in our portfolio, which has decisive advantages for our customers:

1.) All components can be obtained from a single source: less organization and coordination effort during project planning, as well as lower costs in general.

2.) All components are perfectly matched to each other, thus achieving maximum efficiency.

3.) Time is money: We take care of your entire drive train, thus shortening your time to market. Being the first on the market with innovative technologies can have significant advantages.

4.) At ARADEX, every system with its specific characteristics is dealt with separately. We know that each system is different and optimum solutions can only be achieved for the entire system when the interactions of all components are considered. Therefore, when the entire drive train is provided by ARADEX, the customer can profit from the optimum coordination of the components with each other, which increases the efficiency of the entire system.

5.) With ARADEX, you have a reliable and experienced system partner who is available to you with a comprehensive range of services and support.

Further information on ARADEX products and services

High-performance power electronics

With the VECTOPOWER product line, ARADEX offers ingenious inverters (bidirectional inverters, DC/DC converters, as well as PCB sets for customer-specific developments) that greatly optimize the voltage supply of the energy source. This often saves considerable cost because batteries, which are by far the largest cost component in the overall system, can be dimensioned smaller without a loss of range.

Power electronics from ARADEX are extremely efficient, robust, and compact in their dimensions, which makes them ideal for use in electromechanical applications.

Powerful drive technology

ARADEX offers a wide spectrum of different electric motors that include both synchronous and asynchronous motors. Whether for traction, propulsion, or auxiliary – we have the right motor for your system.

Precise controls

The control, which is the built-in "head" of each drive system, must also be adapted to the requirements of the entire system – which is why we offer different controls for different applications.

Energy stores

Whether a battery, supercapacitor, or fuel cell – the energy in an electromobile system always comes from an electrical energy source. As a system supplier, we can always provide you with the appropriate energy source for your application.

Gear box

The gear box must also be considered when dimensioning the entire system – for this reason, we offer different gear boxes for your electromobile application.

Software solutions

A development environment, a real-time analysis tool, a tool for user interfaces, or a configuration tool – ARADEX offers the right software solution for every degree of specialization and almost every special requirement.

Customized developments

Even though our standard products already have high adaptation possibilities, this may not be sufficient in very special cases – in these cases, we are happy to work out a specially adapted solution.

Wide range of services

ARADEX offers various services in all project phases: dimensioning and feasibility analyses during the planning phase, commissioning, optimization, and system integration in the delivery phase, as well as support, training, and workshops at any time if desired.