ARADEX AG – Your reliable system partner for mobile drive technology

For almost 30 years, ARADEX has been a pioneer in high-performance drive technology, a reliable and competent partner for power electronics. While the company's roots lie in industrial control and drive technology for production machines, ARADEX has become a system provider for electric mobility in the utility vehicle sector. Our portfolio thus covers the entire electronic drive train, from inverters for electromobile applications, to electric motors, control systems, gearboxes, energy storage via various software solutions, and diverse peripheral products.

ARADEX is an owner-managed company that has achieved a promising position as a trustworthy system provider through its role as a technological pioneer and through a market-oriented overall strategy. This is also regularly confirmed by the official certification "eligible for refinancing with central banks" from Deutsche Bundesbank, the German central bank.

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Values and motivation: This is what ARADEX is all about

This is what distinguishes us

The fact that our products have a high quality is a matter of course for us. This claim has accompanied us throughout our entire company history – there is a reason that ARADEX has already received five prizes for innovations. In addition, ARADEX has frequently presented new technological innovations that have subsequently become standard. A particular strength lies in the above-average precision of our control technology, which often leads to higher efficiency.

Another great strength is that we always consider the overall system. Our experience has shown us that each system has its own characteristics and that different interactions can occur between the components. We not only look at the individual parts but also optimize the entire drive system, taking into account all interactions and individual characteristics. Normally, the battery represents around 50% of the costs in an electrified vehicle – it is by far the most expensive component in the overall system. Thanks to the well thought-out and project-specific configuration of the individual components, substantial battery capacity can be saved without losing range. Since we always have the overall system in view, cost- and efficiency-optimized solutions can often be found without the disadvantage of a lower range.

In addition, we are available to you at all times with tailored services – we always strive to offer our customers maximum service. Whether you want a preliminary consultation, an optimized commissioning by our engineers, workshops, training, feasibility studies, or other services for your project: We want you to be able to concentrate on the essentials – your project! That is why we see it as our task to create the necessary freedom for you through the quality of our products and services.

Power electronics – the heart of every electrical system, is often the key to an optimized drive system. At ARADEX we have a deep understanding and extensive experience in the development of power electronics for commercial vehicles and marine applications. Therefore, we also know that if the power electronics are properly configured in the overall system, they are much more than a simple inverter. In many cases, correctly dimensioned power electronics lead to savings in battery capacity – which can lead to greater financial savings in the overall system than power electronics cost!

What energizes us

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. We do this with innovative, powerful, and, above all, incredibly efficient technology, as well as individual, customer-oriented services. To achieve this goal, we are constantly working to improve the performance of our products. With success, because ARADEX is constantly setting new standards in overall system efficiency.

The same applies to the continuous improvement and adaptation of our services. Our goal is to already identify and meet the needs and requirements in advance in a lively exchange with our customers. The detailed analysis of the overall system plays a central role in meeting these requirements.

With first-class products, customer-oriented services, and our knowledge of interactions in the overall systems, we are able to implement custom-fit drive systems that combine maximum efficiency, reliability, and cost optimization.

As a system partner for electromobile applications, we are particularly responsible for driving the energy transition in the utility vehicle market. Our technology supports the goal of reducing CO2 emissions and thus preventing dangerous climate warming. For a clean, environmentally friendly technology standard and a healthy future.

Price Ostwürttemberg

In 2004 and 2009, ARADEX received the Ostwürttemberg Innovation Prize