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Battery test stand – convincing ARADEX technology

Together with our partner MAXONIC, ARADEX was able to decisively increase the precision and process control of a battery crash test for a customer project. The test rig simulates the forces occurring during a collision – according to Chinese specifications -, ie. The battery cells must be compressible to about one-third of their thickness, without causing it to ignite. The most important requirement for the test stand is to simulate the occurring forces of a crash as realistically as possible for the collision speed and the force acting on the battery. The test setup resembles a press, as it is known from production machines and the battery is clamped as a “material”. At the same time, the acting forces have a maximum deviation of +/- 5kN and the positioning a maximum of +/- 0.5 to 1.5mm at low or high speeds. The previous solution did not reach these specifications with +/- 20kN force fluctuations at a force of 100 to 1000 kN, which meant that the speed of the force structure had to be reduced in order to achieve comparable test results. However, with the ARADEX control know-how, this result has been significantly improved and we can ensure that the tolerance of +/- 5kN is achieved at a full approach speed of the press with a positioning accuracy of +/- 0.23mm even at 1000kN. The higher precision was ultimately realized by the ARADEX control technology with the characteristic fast cycle times. If you want to know how your application can benefit from our control technology, then simply ask our sales department: sales@aradex.com.