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  • State-Analog
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Uncover the secrets of your drives!


Digital storage oscilloscope for (almost) any number of variables

Many drive technology manufacturers now support variable recording. For performance reasons, however, it is usually not possible to save that much data - and it often turns out to be the wrong data. The VECTONUM Analyser does not have these limitations. More than 1000 variables can be logged in real time without significantly interfering with the performance. Several channels can be linked together via a large number of mathematical functions so that external software is usually not necessary to evaluate the data. The Analyser continuously runs parallel to the PLC and can be controlled via trigger functions. Since you only see the variables that are currently needed, the effort for commissioning a machine can be significantly decreased using the Analyser. The data generated with the Analyser can be copied and read in again on another computer via a stand-alone Analyser. This makes the Analyser a powerful tool for after-sales service as well. For quicker familiarization with the Analyser, we also offer training courses.


Depending on the requirements of the application, there are various expansion stages for the Analyser. For example, there are functions available for long-term logging in which the volume of the data material is only limited by the size of the storage medium.

Realtime measurement in a very high resolution


The CycleTracerallows an extremely sensitive measurement and evaluation of torques for rotating drives. 

In the case of cyclical processes and whole-number effects over a cycle, this is approximated as a sine in phase and amplitude and determined with high resolution. It analyzes periodic changes in a measured variable through alignment with a sine oscillation, similar to a Fourier transformation. The CycleTracer works so fast and efficiently, however, that it runs in the real-time cycle of the VDControl XL control and thus outputs the results of the amplitude and phase of the periodic oscillation in real time.

Application examples:

  • Paper, cardboard, foil, sheet metal: measuring imbalances, determining motor cogging, determining excentricities in gear stages.
  • Forming: measuring periodic forces and torques, determining gear excentricities.
  • Machine tools: determining gear excentricities.
  • Machining and spindle drives: measuring unbalances on grinding wheels, measuring unbalance on automatically clamped tools to detect a chip that might be clamped in the clamping device

Recognizing relationsships!


Patent: The influence of a reference variable on a process variable is measured with high sensitivity via modulation with a small amplitude.

For monitoring with a high resolution and evaluating the reaction of a process variable due to a special and very small variation of a reference variable. This allows a deep look into the process sequence.

In a cyclical or constant process, a reference variable is completely or partially modulated with a very small amplitude. Synchronously to this modulation, its effect on one or more process variables is evaluated. This patented ARADEX technology has such a high resolution that the amplitude of the reference variable does not interfere with the process itself.

This module can be applied to the internal variables of the drives as well as to external signals via sensors.

Application examples:

  • Paper, cardboard, foil, sheet metal: measurement of the elasticity module of the web.
  • Forming: dependence of the force on the speed during deep drawing, cutting, punching.
  • Machine tools: dependence of the cutting force on the cutting speed or on other variables.
  • Machining and spindle technology: very different reference variables can be modulated, e.g. speed, feed rate, addition of lubricants. Finding the precise working point of the machining and optimization of machining processes.

Do not overlook the smallest effects!


Even the smallest effects can be measured and evaluated with a high resolution in the course of a measured value.

The intelligent overlapping of cyclically occurring measured values allows a high-resolution analysis of these measured variables, depending on a reference variable. In the case of cyclic processes, the Analyser information is intelligently superimposed.

Areas of application:

  • Paper, cardboard, sheet metal: format-dependent torques e.g. with rotary die-cutters and cross-cutters.
  • Forming: determining punching and cutting forces, analyzing backlash and wear in kinematics.
  • Machine tools: angle-resolved forces and torques in round and out-of-round machining.
  • Machining technology and spindle drives: cutting monitoring with a high resolution.

State control


Checking analog variables depending on the angle or the position of an axis or an encoder in real time. State control for 4 analog inputs. Clocked to the real-time system, the course of 4 measured variables to be read in analog are checked for its position between the upper and lower limit value depending on the position of a leading axis.

Any variable of the PLC can serve as a reference variable; angles or positions of cyclically working axes are common. The time resolution is the cycle of the VECTONUM real-time system.

Area of application:

  • Paper, cardboard, foil, sheet metal: format-dependent force control, e.g. for rotary die-cutters, cross-cutters or monitoring and adjustment assistance for blades on cross-cutters.
  • Forming: press force monitoring.
  • Machine tools: angle-dependent cutting-force monitoring in the case of out-of-round machining.
  • Spindle technology: cutting force monitoring in periodically recurring processes, e.g. drilling, milling, grinding, deep drilling.


Checking digital states depending on the angle or the position of an axis or an encoder in real time. Software license for state control for 16 digital inputs. The status of these inputs is checked depending on the position of a control axis (e.g. press angle). Clocked to the real-time system, digital inputs are read in and checked "on the fly" according to a reference variable. The following can then be entered as the switching status for checking:

  • forced „High“
  • both allowed
  • forcedd „Low“

Any variable of the PLC can serve as a reference variable; angles or positions of cyclically working axes are common. The time resolution is a cycle of the VECTONUM real-time system

Areas of application:

Forming: telecontrol (state control)