construction volume: 10 l, performance: 350kVA


The universal inverter for mobile applications

The VECTOPOWER product range is the inverter for mobile applications. It does not matter whether you want to realize a traction drive in a car, locomotive or ship, implement a mobile generator or help an excavator to rotate faster - the VECTOPOWER is the inverter that you have always been looking for.

DC voltage coupling, e.g. of batteries or supercaps, or the generation of a 50 Hz on-board system are now also covered by the VECTOPOWER.

Strength at a glance


Because it has the basic ARADEX technologies of the VECTODRIVE family, the VECTOPOWER can be easily adapted to almost any application. In other words, even very different applications no longer require specially adapted hardware; these hardware requirements are covered by the VECTOPOWER product range. A corresponding parameterization is sufficient. This saves you time and money in development! A CAN bus interface easily provides a connection to the remaining hardware. VECTOPOWER can naturally also be integrated in a combination with VECTODRIVE and VECTONUM via the parallel VECTOBUS interface that is available.

compact & strong

Especially in mobile applications, more space and weight often also mean higher costs. For this reason, it is very important to us that our VECTOPOWER products have a very high power density. With an output of 350 kVA and a construction volume of less than 10 liters, we are convinced that these devices can fit almost anywhere and still bring out some more power for your drive.


For drives with more than 250 kW peak power, it is possible to interconnect several of our VECTOPOWER devices. This makes it possible to realize drives up to 1.6 MW. An additional advantage: You can easily realize redundant drive systems. This is useful, for example, when designing ship drives or important generators.


The multitude of applications that have been realized with the VECTOPOWER show that it is also designed for extreme applications. Its stability and operational safety have naturally been certified, e.g. by TÜV or  Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Federal Railway). 

Mobile inverters - Product catalog 03.2017