Realtime report


Fast commissioning

  • More efficient commissioning due to integrated oscilloscope with many variables (intern and extern) in realtime with a resolution of up to 2µs.
  • Direct evaluation with linking of channels
  • Record of more than 30,000 variables in real time, absolutely isochronous
  • ANALYSER files can be created automatically or manually and can be easily sent by the customer
  • The ANALYSER recording can be ajusted so precisely that you can actually see if the bearings are not being lubricated properly.
  • Mathematical filter and analysis functions available — Fourier analysis etc.

So you can monitor your machine


Many manufacturers now support the recording of variables. For performance reasons, however, it is usually not possible to save that much data - and it often turns out to be the wrong data as well. The VECTONUM ANALYSER does not have these limitations. More than 1000 variables can be logged in real time without significantly interfering with the performance. Several channels can be linked with each other via a large number of mathematical functions (e.g. channel 17 + Sin(channel 929)), so that external software for evaluating the data is usually not necessary. It is still possible to output the data e.g. to Microsoft Excel.

The ANALYSER continuously runs parallel to the PLC and can be controlled via trigger functions. Depending on the application requirements, the ANALYSER has various expansion stages. For example, there are functions available for long-term logging in which the volume of the data material is only limited by the size of the storage medium. Since you see precisely those variables that are needed at the moment, the ANALYSER can significantly reduce the effort for commissioning a machine. You record a multitude of channels and can decide later on which ones are interesting.

The data generated by the ANALYSER can be copied and read in again on a different computer via a stand-alone ANALYSER. This makes the ANALYSER a powerful tool for after-sales service as well. The basic functions of the ANALYSER are easily to use. However, we recommend that our commissioning technicians use the Analyser extensively in order to save time and money. For faster familiarization, we also offer training courses.


The main software benefits summarized in a flyer.