One stop: Development, HMI, commissioning and service

The VECTOSTUDIO ARADEX offers a wide range of programming, commissioning tools and visualization capabilities.

The consistent user interface minimizes the effort to the training. You have only what you need on the screen, straight. Whether a beginner or an old pro, adjust the system easy to meet your individual needs or use our default settings.

Reduces development costs

  • Integrated development environment with continuous intuitive operating concept
  • Open standards and bidirectional interfaces enable easy connection to other systems
  • Easy modularisation of the function codes increases reusability and shortens development times and costs
  • Parallelisation of programming tasks: several developers can work simultaneously on the same project - even in different programming languages.
  • Comprehensive integrated Comissioning tools
  • Diverse Programming languages such as: IEC 61131-3, AWL, KOP, Java, PLCopen
  • Object orientated programming in C++ with high-level-editor support

Project administration

Global projects require global development systems. Using VECTOSTUDIO several programmers can work on different computers on the same project and keep track of it at the same time. Version management such as CVS and Subversion can be integrated so that modification management and documentation thereof is child‘s play.

Efficient development

Each program module can be created in a different programming language. Each developer can write in his preferred language.

The source codes are managed in ASCII code and so exchange between projects is no problem.



Easy creation of user interfaces
Fast commissioning


The main software benefits summarized in a flyer.