Modern automation control

ARADEX as a pionier in modern automation control

In 1989, ARADEX was the first company in the world to develop and use a PC-based control, and we have consistently developed this concept further. The result is our VECTONUM product range. Based on modern industrial PC's, it allows all the advantages of PC technology to be used in an industrial environment: modularity, standardization and efficiency.

Our controls are optimally suited for all of your applications. From simple PLC functionality to highly complex interpolating control of several hundred axes, you will find everything in our VECTONUM range.

Our integrated development environment VECTOSTUDIO helps you to create your applications for VECTONUM controls. You select the optimum control for different applications but always use the same software for development.

Control selection


  XL VD Control XM XS
Application area high performance (max. axes) standard applications visualization and simple servo and PLC applications embedded CNC control
Performance class max medium-max basic-medium basic-medium
Design 19 inch can be mounted in a row with VD600 range different display sizes small
Expendable yes yes no no

Strenght at a glance

Guaranteed fast, hard real time

Each of our control ranges meets our demand for fast, hard real time. ARADEX products do not work with incalculable interrupts but with a very fast, deterministic polling operation as low as 50 µs cycle time. The jitter here is in the range of 1-2 µs. At ARADEX, we understand cycle time to be the physical reading and processing of signals, the processing of CNC and PLC functions during the cycle, and the physical output of the control result. Modular If one control is not enough for you, for example because you need a redundant system, then you can add further controls to your system. The controls can share variables or trigger processes in real time via a fieldbus. When your application grows, our hardware and software grow with it.


The most common fieldbuses such as EtherCAT, ProfiBus, ProfiNet, Modbus or CAN (further ones on request) can be connected as an option. This allows you to stay flexible in your requirements. The basic PC technology naturally allows connection to a network or the connection of USB devices. In this way, you can flexibly expand your application with USB input devices or live streams from cameras. The standard interfaces are available to you.


CNC and PLC functionality are integrated in the hardware of all of our controls. On the one hand, this reduces the signal paths and the access times to the variables, and on the other hand, it considerably simplifies development. Our VECTONUM controls make it possible for you to change fluidly between the PLC and CNC functionality when developing your application. This significantly simplifies the interaction of these technologies and saves you valuable time. And you will program all this with only one tool: our VECTOSTUDIO.


All VECTONUM controls have the necessary interfaces that an industrial PC should possess. A connection for a keyboard, screen and Ethernet are a matter of course. Each of our controls also has a VECTOBUS connection. Further interfaces are available as an option



Product overview