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THE drive for your machines

The VECTODRIVE family is the drive for your cabinet. The very fast inverter of 600 and 1000V technology are - designed for stationary use - in contrast to the VECTOPOWER family for mobile. Thus, the VECTODRIVE family covers the whole spectrum of applications in mechanical and plant engineering.

From a simple conveyor belt with a VD5 F/I up to highly complex installations with 100 interpolating axes via modular VD600 inverters, the VECTODRIVE family is ideally suited to all of your applications. Even in the case of price-sensitive installations that require servo functions, the VD50 line has a suitable product offering.

Strength at a glance


As a result of the FPGA technology used in the VECTODRIVE, our devices are extremely fast and can considerably increase the productivity of an installation without further additional measures. This is based on a current control cycle of 2 µs in the FPGA of the inverter.

Dynamic AND precise

Our unsurpassed, FPGA-based control technology used in all VECTODRIVE's allows you to make your installation a lot more dynamic. For example, our customers achieve a control positioning accuracy of < 0.1 µm with an intermittent feed rate and an acceleration of 700 m/s².


All the devices of the VECTODRIVE range can be combined with each other as desired. This keeps you flexible and efficient for equipping your installation. If, for example, you do not need the maximum functionality of our VD600 line for all axes, you can simply use a VD50 without requiring more effort for software creation. You can decide for yourself where you want to use maximum performance, accuracy or dynamics. This saves cash.

It is also possible to integrate highly dynamic ARADEX axes in an axis system from another manufacturer.

Long life

We frequently receive hardware for servicing that was supplied over 20 years ago. This often only has to be cleaned and is then sent back to the customer. Just try that with hardware from other manufacturers!


VECTODRIVE - Product catalog 2015


Servo drives & F/Is

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