Servo drives for web-processing Machines

The precision with which the individual work steps are carried out is decisive for the productivity of sheet- and web-processing machines. Even the smallest deviations in positioning jeopardize the quality. With the high-dynamics VECTODRIVE servo inverter, you achieve an exact synchronization and a precise positioning of the sheet or web material - even with strong and frequent fluctuations in the torque. 
The VECTONUM control allows you to synchronize up to 700 drives - even without sensors.

Application examples

  • 700 drives synchronized without sensors in a film streching line.
  • New overlapping process prevents damage to the paper surface and 
    increases productivity by up to 150%.


Advantages of the VECTODRIVE servo inverters and the VECTONUM controls

  • Extremely high-resolution evaluation of the motor currents makes it possible to determine the web tension and the extension of the web material without sensors, for example.
  • Higher availability through additional redundancy (sensorless control parallel to the sensor, patented process of ARADEX).
  • Active vibration reduction by identifying and suppressing the vibration excitation.
  • You can record the process characteristics with the ARADEX Analyser - and that over months.


Integrated copy protection and replacement part guarantee

The ARADEX drive electronics functions as a dongle and prevents the machine from being reverse-engineered. This is achieved by using FPGAs (ASICs) in the ARADEX hardware that protect the drive software from being copied. Your investment will be safe from reverse engineering for years. In addition, ARADEX offers a long-term replacement part guarantee for its products and only supplies them to contract partners.