Double axis inverter with integrated control

The first VECTODRIVE® double axis inverter with integrated control is the perfect „tuning module „ for sophisticated applications where standard drives reach their limits. A feature of the inverter is the easy integration in existing applications. The VECTODRIVE® 60A2 used on particularly demanding locations in the process increased productivity considerably. The reason for this is the extremely fast and precise current control. Specifically the exact synchronisation of both drive axes offers many advantages for precision machining:

  • Faster machining
  • Higher finished product quality
  • Fewer processing stages.

The double-axis inverter is only used where it can improve the process and is economically viable for the customer. If standard drives are sufficient, these remain in the system. The inverter with integrated control is designed to be integrated into systems from other manufacturers.

Easy integration of the intelligent inverter in existing systems

ARADEX has many years of experience with integration of ARADEX components into the drives systems of other manufacturers, so that the VECTODRIVE® 60A2 works excellently with market standards. Various technical modifications ensure easy integration:

  • The integrated control of the 60A2 supports various field busses, e.g. Profibus.
  • The DC link connection was modified to fit other systems.
  • The layout of connections for motor encoder and measuring systems is customer-specific.
  • Optically the ARADEX inverter fits seamlessly into other drive systems. 
  • In addition, the VECTODRIVE® 60A2 can be sold as an OEM device.

Access to technology module pool with the integrated control

The integrated control uses the Linux based VECTONUM® V8 operating system. This means that our customers have access to the complete ARADEX technology module library. This includes the areas of measurement and analysis as well as compensation and optimisation. The access to software and functions allows implementation of know-how. The technology modules are encapsulated; this together with the customer-specific hardware ensures protection of the customer know-how from external access.