Programmable DC source 

The controllable direct voltage source provides a precise simulation of the voltage. The fast rise times of the DC source ensure optimum correction, especially in the case of high sudden load variations. The device can be operated as a current source or as a voltage source. 

Function modes

  • Current-controlled and voltage-limited 
  • Voltage-controlled and current-limited
  • A power limitation is also possible. 

Technical features

  • Voltages from 10 V to 1050 V and currents of +/- 900 A possible.
  • Regenerative due to 2-quadrant operation, which minimizes power consumption.
  • VECTODRIVE's of the VD600 and VD1000 series can be used – resulting in very high availability worldwide.
  • As a result of the parallel connection of the VECTODRIVE inverters used, the performance range can be individually adapted to the application. Continuous current and peak current x n with n devices. At the same time, the current is symmetrized throughout all used VECTODRIVE's.
  • Optional: Electrical isolation between the mains side and the DC side ensures safe and effective operation.

Example configuration

Key performance figures 50 kW DC source
max. output power: 50000 W | max. output current: 100 A DC
max. output voltage: 550 V DC

Key performance figures 200 kW DC source
max output power: 200000 W | max output current: 600 A DC
max output voltage: 690 V DC

Integration and configuration of the DC source

  • Implementation of own functions (via MATLAB/Simulink,... as well), for example to simulate more complex battery models as well.
  • Can be operated by entering values directly at the DC source or via a higher-level system.
  • Existing interface to the higher-level system via CAN bus, Profibus DP and using Ethernet-based protocols 

Areas of application

  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) environment for tests of individual components or all components in an electric drive train, e.g. electric motors, power electronics, energy stores, DC/DC converters, ...
  • As a laboratory power supply for use in development laboratories for electric components.
  • Together with an inverter and electric motor, the DC source forms the basis for energy-efficient test benches. The energy required for the test remains in the test bench system – only the losses are taken from the mains supply. This case study explains what such an energy-efficient test bench is like.
  • High-performance DC sources from ARADEX reproducibly simulate high-voltage batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells as well as the DC voltage circuit of hybrid drives. 

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